Currently the pass through design for USB3. What you mean like this posted it in another thread earlier: Jul 19, 89 0 10, 1. As i Have 2 front pannels now i could try to modify 1 of them to make it smaller and connect it directly on a 20pin connector? Apr 22, 40, 14 , 9, Indeed, that is why I have been eying this case specifically since it came out. It’s not marketing speak. Yea, just like that!!!

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Tried turning off USB selective suspend setting? Find all posts by hsinhow. Originally Posted by deees. You will have to purchase a new an entire new or used case for spare parts now, even if your case is still under the 2 year warranty, of course your isn’t! I didn’t realize that bitfenix product was available. Find all posts by Jimv.

Find all posts by thenosbod.

You may only have one driver installed. Find all posts by Jimv.

Find all posts by hsinhow. I tried to do the same thing as you did but the cables were way too shirt so i could not do it in the same way but i found a solution. Find all posts by Technobeard. What I’m getting at is there are 2 USB 3. Find all posts by wytnyt.


I read in several posts on another forum that the USB 3. Originally Posted by hurricane Go to all 4 blue ports in the back and try them see what the result is.

Trouble with usb 3.0 on Corsair 650D

Find all posts by andyvee. Thanks for your insight on the case. There are three screws and several clips that secure the cover of the D connector. Sefies edited by Lady Fitzgerald; at Find all posts by AMDbigboy. Don’t use the adapter.

Could this be a power issue?

D USB3 Problem – The Corsair User Forums

It’s not marketing speak. Find all posts by acourts. However, Corsair no longer has any spare parts for them, as I found out last year around this time. So let me get this straight.

Trouble with usb on Corsair D | Tom’s Hardware Forum

Think I may do this if I ever decide to use that case again. It’s 10x faster than 3. Find all posts by Wired. The MB could be defective.


Or possibly, but not very likely, the CPU is defective. This shot shows the pbsidian opened up and one of the original USB 3. Started by officialfuriousgamer14 Jan 18, Replies: The time now is I thought both boards were Asus. I did like the almighty D, but the D I thought was better. Last edited by AMDbigboy; at Would make me want to take my chances with a different make. The Obsidian D is an esthetically and functionally exceptional casewhich I would love to use, headed replace my present case.

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