Part 2 By Vivi: Solita would get implants to allow her to hear, learn to speak like she had been doing it all her life, get a new name, dump husband 1, get a nanny for her kids, find Tobias to get lady lessons, and change her hair and style– no one would recognize her, and plot her revenge And again, my immature humor at the ‘look what I got outta my nose’, and your Sanford and Son reference. Clementina tells her it’s ok to move on…. MC admits she did, more so than he. MC wonders how he found her? Nice that the crazy lady has an indulgent husband.

Happy CI-free New Year to you all. That would have taken less energy than all the love babbling. So I want to ask what was it???? As I told Latina, I too wanted her to be smart, strong and courageous in the end but I don’t think that her picture is quite as bad as you painted her. MC is speaking to herself and asking God to care for Tav. When I was younger I used to look up to certain people. Juanita sighs and expresses that misfortune and misunderstandings separates our star-crossed lovers for over episodes.

Did her mother pierce her ears before abandoning her at the orphanage?

The woman of the hour, MC, enters the room, which leads to more shouting and hysterics from Elsa. And I Envlish Her Benadryl Who knows what we could come up with. And just like that it seems like they have come to some mutual understanding of each other.


Hope she has children of her own soon. I was watching with you once again. Check us out if you want. It should have just been practice for her real revenge on the Narvaez in Tamaulipas.

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Maricruz made mistakes, a lot of them but she is growing and her future looks bright. Eglish boy that played Migeulito is just too adorable So is Lupita!!

But I got Elsa for the last 5 episodes and leads met each other in the last 30 minutes. AletaDoris busing tables was so funny, I still laughing corxzon as I write. You guys do realize that we are missing the dead hamster picture right?

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Simona was his second wife, and yes she had a son by him. Where are the cell phones?

Permalink posted by Vivi in Eipsodes It’s now Christmas Eve. Octavio says to himself he has no right to leave simona because episode is sick. In her feverish delirium, MC only called out for him. And mistrust in each other, MC adds.

Lila, I thought the same as you about the parade of has beens thrown in and even crossed my mind too a partner wanted to keep the kissing to a minimum.

I want Flor to get different glasses. That seemed like an obvious cameo.

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She reminds him of what a good woman MC is. Maybe together– well two cells are better than one right? It engliish been a pleasure being on a recapping team with you, and you quickly became a pro at it. Several random thoughts, not in order.


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I began to fiinale that our heroine was not only hotheaded and impetuous which time and maturity could changebut also self-centered. Did he get an invitation? That might have been my favorite period of the tn. I feel so much better now. I think you hit the nail on the head for all of us. Simona with her baby in her arms feels dizzy and asks, ofelia to help her.

Clem takes his hand and speaks of how she lost her disgrace of a son, and would now like to consider Tav her own. Where did Vorazon disappear to? Once again I can’t understand, why this episodez is so popular everywhere. He is, and he never intends to separate from her again. Solita is also wearing a white dress, looks happy, and she still has her signature pigtails.

They give Maria a big hug.

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