Kid that age– ain’t easy survivin’ a brand-new culture. She knew what you did to Rachel. He left during rumspringa, decided not to be Amish anymore. And the ocean’s going to see you. Traumatic event like that, yeah. I changed my mind. She didn’t use names. This episode aired at 8 pm.

Then clue us in, ’cause the meter’s running. Have you ever seen water so big? Bottom line is, Anna wanted to go home. First we gots a scene to check. She wanted in, I took her to all the dope places. The team reopens the unsolved case of an unidentified Jane Doe Margot Chambers when she dies in the hospital after being comatose since the day she was shot 18 years ago, only to encounter a long list of suspects when they learn that the woman was a professional grifter who had swindled dozens of people and now have to solve which of her victims was the most motivated to kill her. Anna Gunden –

Passes the kid off as her new husband’s. But no matter how long they’ve been in this country, it still ain’t home. You said Jakob Beachy was banned? You’re not staying in Philly?


Well, she was dragged there. I know what that does to a person. The way our dentist fixes cavities. Not if you killed her. He is goin’ native.

She already agreed to it. I just bit first this time. Ain’t exactly the tea-and-crumpets part of town. Maybe she runs out of money, fold to the streets? But you know kids these days. You’re going to tell my folks I’m better. You want to rephrase that, Scotty? When the body of a newly missing boy, year-old Shemar Reynolds is found in a cargo container, the remains of three other victims, year-old Damont Henderson, 9-year-old Kendrick Malone, and year-old Marcus Hollister who vanished from to are found and the team realizes they’re dealing with a serial killer, and must figure out his M.

Anna ever have any broken bones? Fools got me on LoJack?

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We’re going to go home. We think it might be her. So, why ccase you have a spot like this? So, ready to par-tay or what?

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Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller. A woman doesn’t have seven babies without knowing what a pregnant girl looks like, Anna. Get in the car, homegirl! I thought there was something for me here.


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You should take a trip out there. What the hell these people do all day? I don’t know what I’m going to do. Sean Wing as Vince Patrielli.

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No one’s telling us what to do either. Chase some horse and buggies. I remember all rumpringa shoplifters. Is this Rachel Wagler’s home? You tell me your life story, I’ll tell you mine? We need your help. You’ve got motive, no alibi.

Girl like that– she wasn’t afraid of anything. I answered your questions. Edit Did You Know?

And no one’s the wiser unless Anna threatens to tell.

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