I would have put The Hills Have Eyes on here. I only knew her from Babylon5, perhaps my favourite series ever! He is of Italian ancestry. Later, he got a camera and took photographs with friends performing fights for new projects. No spoilers, but 1? The film is a collaboration between Rolfe and Kevin Finn and was entirely funded by fan donations. I feel thats what makes a truely frightening movie… is suspense and fear of the unknown.

Retrieved 1 January A great remake, in my opinion. I did love the Texas Chainsaw massacre remake as well, goof choice there. Overall a great list, but I have to be that guy and point out the remake of Invasion Of the Body Snatchers from , which is awesome. Board James, The Nerd. Also, I know you love Hammer, but show Amicus some love sometime.

I actually really liked the NotLD remake because it was such a different take on the genre and it did everything well.

It was a long time ago. On April 19,Rolfe announced on his Twitter account that he and his wife April are expecting another daughter.

Top 10 Horror Remakes

A great remake, in my opinion. I always thought of them as remakes myself and wondered why nobody ever talked about them as being exactly that when debates pop up about how remakes should never be made, etc. This is one of your best top cimemassacre you ever done.


I agree with a lot of your choices. Retrieved November 2, Town with No Name Ep Rolfe met April Chmura in July ; she was a cinematographer on the early Nerd episodes. James Rolfe — In praise of a nerd”.

Mako laugh at the grudge… thats a new one. That was great dude!

You must be logged in to post a comment. What about the Wolf Man remake?

Top 10 Horror Remakes | Cinemassacre Productions

Rolfe made a cameo appearance as the Nerd in a music video parody of Britney Spears ‘ single ” Piece of Me ” entitled “Piece of Meat” on cinevore. Rolfe began creating homemade video productions in the late s. Plus, it is his list anyway, so what.

The Moviewhich revolves around E. However, Rolfe’s friend and collaborator, Mike Matei, convinced him to post the videos on a YouTube channel called “JamesNintendoNerd” now called Cinemassacre on April 6,which Matei created and managed for him. The final 31 marathon Monster Madness series ran during October His beer drinking in most of the video was done on purpose as to say “these games are so bad I’m forced to drink”.


Well Michael has to break out eventually, so I dunno, get two idiots to do something stupid! Id put the grudge before lots of others in the list. You already showed a scene of Nosferatu in the beginning, so why not put it into the list? Init was announced that Rolfe was set to feature in a low-budget remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space entitled Plan 9[30] which was released through Video On Demand beginning February 16,[31] and then released on physical media in stores on January 5, James, what do you think of the upcoming Evil Dead remake slatted for No mention of Fright Night?

Invasion of The Body Snatchers?

James Rolfe – Wikipedia

Sega Genesis, Atari I know what you mean with The Grudge. He continued residing in Philadelphia after graduation. Retrieved November 30, Texas Chainsaw was just a fun watchable horror remake, but nothing special and certainly no masterpiece. Vampire Kung Fu, Vampire, Comedy flick.

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