Jim the drunken crazy person was well in evidence with just a cursory nod to Jim the Poet which Stone indeed paid homage to from the first moments of his film. Jim may well have been an alcoholic from pretty much the start but he was a true artist and he was not the one who wanted to sell the band to a car company. There was sturdy applause, and it turns out it was an audience-involved screening, so we all got to cast our ballot as we left. Gilles ci ha segnalato questo articoletto riguardante sempre When You’re Strange. Something about The Doors just rubbed normal rock fans up the wrong way. I’ve already posted how people are telling me this is a “truly amazing” doc with never-before-seen footage covering the entire 54 months of the band.

E non aggiungo altro! Messaggio inserito da sauro girando su internet ho trovato questo, http: Random facts are thrown at us throughout the movie but are never expanded upon or explained in any interesting way. Pic is being released in a limited run by Abramorama, the distrib behind last year’s hit rock doc “Anvil! The artwork that exists on this site is not official either. Another gripe concerns the reaction from a certain keyboard player who spent the last 18 years attacking Stone for his Doors film that concentrated on Morrison and presented the other 3 Doors as bit part players.

Messaggio inserito da Taker Citazione: It had something orzinuovo do with rebellion against icnema father and rebellion against authority. An American Pastoral, a solemn, meditative journey through the desert. As far as the facts presented went Tom plays as fast and loose with events as Olly did and even just made stuff up to look cool.

McClure steered programjazione towards poetry, which appeared to refocus him and he was able to find inspiration enough to get to New Orleans, and present the LA Woman material. Doors historians out there; spread the word. So the title does indeed resonate within me as a fan but can the film live up to the title and do justice to the very strangeness that over 40 years later still resounds to this day.

Was it ego was it motivated by the drive for profit.

The empty seat was for him. Film’s soundtrack will be available March That way, the audiences today could experience them as if they were happening right now.


Muller’s photos are used. It becomes a prograkmazione dramatic film. I would argue it is nothing remotely special as it was sold to be but nonetheless essential viewing for a Doors fan.

Apulia ile taniƟma

Messaggio inserito programmqzione gianmarco91m ahahah allora stiamo bene ad aspettare And the more I learned about the band, the more the film kept evolving. Most of the footage had no sound. Which is a highly debatable point as the management of the club claim a different story to what The Doors tell.

The Doors themselves were born out of a poem by William Blake. OK, grazie Simone per il chiarimento Autore Risposta: Link su you tube: We got a bit of a late start, because of the huge amount of people. I had to be very judicious with just finding pieces of footage that helped tell a story. The Mineola Antique Fair is open and orrzinuovi antique enthusiasts this weekend.

First Flash Of Eden

Wolf Films’ Peter Jankowski, also a producer, guided the project for Wolf’s company. So Wolf wants to set the record straight that, in fact, there is not one frame in the entire film that oreana not shot between and What were you doing professionally when the call came to do a documentary on The Doors? Apparently he is a Doors fan but I thought that his narration was bit passionless for a subject that I myself believe to be a lot more important musically than a great many others do.

Spero,che almeno riesca nell’impresa di far venire alla luce il vero jim morrison, che per troppi anni grazie a O. Il libro di John e’ stato tradotto in italiano e uscira’ su Arcana. The girls are going to love this guy. Molto belle le foto di miami; sai per caso se su internet ci sono alcune foto inedite?

Non si hanno notizie precise sul film ma dovrebbe essere incentrato su Jim Morrison. Westwood was a zoo, but I found parking very quickly, right across the street from the Regent, programamzione although the show was sold out, I got a good seat off to the right of the main block of seats, so just me and two women who likely had seen the Doors back in their early days. Light My Fire was the first song Krieger wrote.

There have been a number of them, and they come from the most unexpected places. Qui trovate la oorceana sonora: OK Ghost, 13 rispecchia il disco originale. The footage was stunning.


That is being set up by Rhino Entertainment and will include all the details about the film they feel legally obligated to reveal. The director made extensive use of archival material, much of it never seen by the public and about a third of which came as a surprise to Manzarek and Krieger.

The woman from NY is mentioned, not by name though, and she gets laughed at.

Sneak Peek “The Doors” Sundance DiCillo’s film has a small window in which to tell its story, Morrison’s short life which ended in at the age of 27 in Paris, where the singer had gone to write poetry after leaving the band.

But all I got was the feeling I was watching some stuff about just another west coast band. When You’re Strange observes but never penetrates the mystery of the US Navy admiral’s son who became the rebel of his generation.

Eccovi le prossime proiezioni per When You’re Strange: There are clips of Morrison’s underground movie from his university days, a sweet Jim playing with children, fly-on-the-wall recording studio scenes, as well as the familiar live concerts where we witness Jim the consummate performer and Jimbo the inebriated clown.

From there, the exploration of the Doors begins, looking at their early days, how the band was put together, and then launches into a recounting of how they were signed by Jac, the first two albums, the clubs, lots of footage from concerts, funny interviews with fans – one got a big laugh, where a girl asks them if they’re like the Monkees!

At least 5 people witnessed each attempt at fitting narration to image.

Non vedo l’ora che esca il film in dvd Autore Risposta: When asked what he’s working on, he hinted at a “new band” as well as orceqna new album, but would expand on neither.

Recklessly racing a Ford Mustang across a desert landscape, a bearded Jim Morrison lets out a howl from the bowels of hell.

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