I did a check of everything and found I had no tail lights or brake lights on the rear fenders. Upon hearing that you are moving overseas, I will be buying an Indian. Was told it had a new engine and was in perfect shape. Denying access to these parking spaces is denying other handicap people access not only to your business, but to an enjoyable pastime, and passion for some. So its all about the money not the customer satisfaction? So I take it back to Huntington Beach Harley.

The heats shields are loose and they did not put the injectors from the stage 4 kit in that we paid for. I had my ol lady go in there in a very low cut shirt and flirt with the service guy and tell him that she knew that there had already been some work done to my bike and that she would like to get the build sheet so she could see what she could get me for my bday. Moisture or it got wet, no one said anything about that issue when I bought it. Why would he just give it all away? We both turned to each other and thought , what aggressive swerving in between other cars and driving in construction area , to get to work. I will never buy another HD from any dealer you have since Mancuso screwed me so bad.

It makes the whole company look stupid. When I did receive my motorcycle back, I was disappointed and frustrated to see that there were oil stains that do not come off of the chrome parts of the engine. Who proceeds to completely insult me? My thought is why has it taken over two years of work without any results. One of the supplemental services was because the technician determined he had to remove the Primary from the engine to get it out of the frame the trike required a new frame.

I live 15km away from the coast of blacksea.

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Harley-Davidson was one of only 2 American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression. Well, not so fast. I have a request, please put The new ci cinmea in a stripped down road King. OK Yes i have sucker written on my forehead. The bike is there till days end tomorrow, and I am taking it out brakes working or not!!

I waited for a return call from Steve after the bike was at the dealer. Levine, I could not get my comment together but found yours to be exactly what I wanted to say to Harley-Davidson. I have been riding for over 40 years and it was not until that i actually bought my first Harley Roadglide, loved it, not so much the power it was adequate but the bike was nice. In less than a week the logo on both cinemaa caps have come off and the stitching undone, the store refused to exchange or return the items, I had the receipt.


To make matters even worse, they failed to properly inform me that the first 2 years of the extended icnema I purchased is covered by the manufacturer and then the remaining 3 years is covered by the dealership. I hope that you have a recall to fix this.

There is a significant amount information to put out but I will try to be as brief as possible without losing any necessary content. Can you tell me when a replacement bearing will be released??? Thank you so much for your decision. From age 61—71, it has been fFUN.

Harley Davidson Corporate Office

Live To Ride ,over and out Monster. But somehow you want all the Harley Davidson shops to look the same world-wide, that is so unbelieveably contradictory. Please consider letting you dealerships of your dissatisfaction in their allowing this to go on.

Come on Harley, get with it, is old geezer are dying off like your sales numbers. Basic question regarding the auto tune functionality that was met by a customer hoplywood rep hanging up on me?

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Hot motor oil spilled all over my wife and Acenue, burning her leg and we were unable to enjoy our day out due to the issue with the motorcycle. They will scam you! I have herd they dont care about litigation but they dont like bad publicity.

Another week or so passes then I find out that the paint is not the same type nor color. You have no way to get a replacement speaker, base or microphone. Erick managed to escape. A couple of weeks pass and I am now told that Tifton HD has done all that they will do to fix my bike and for me to come get it.

I am willing to also return the motorcycle and still want to be compensated for the time I wasted. We had to pay up front for the bike, parts, and service. I then ended the conversation with a simple explanation. If this falls on deaf ears, hollyywood be it.


If Harley keeps up their crap cunema bikes out of the USA and trying to cirXXXXvent Trumps tariffs which are being put in place to help companies like Harley and then letting monntdidier lame stream media pretend that Trump is behind Harley making bikes over seas, without issue a statement to oppose the lame streams fake message, then they will lose a lot of loyal customers, because the vast majority of bikers are Trump supporters.

You have made Harley so high no one can afford them. For future reference, please take the time to do your research before walking in any dealer motorcycle or otherwise. In addition to the noise came a cineja feeling that almost caused an accident in Which I could have been killed. This situation is totally unacceptable.

4 ans déjà

I have never looked back either. You guys rock and thanks for making the best investment I have ever made! You have dealerships with dishonest and incompetent service personnel. The sad part about all of this lousy service from a Harley montddier is not isolated. This lack of mechanical inclination may explain a lot of the maintenance complaints I have reviewed on this site. That kind of absolutely lousy customer treatment and really poor technical attention to detail is unforgivable.

My cousin recently purchased a Street and we checked the oil withe the bike on the kick stand and there was no oil on the dip stick. Does that make sense? I spoke to Jimmy, both Steve and Debbie still unavailable. I never imagined such an iconic brand have such a poor customer service and such a poor quality hollywwood and allowing this type of issues to happen. I was quite clear I would not make any decision without knowing if this offer covered a pair of head sets and what about my travel costs at Harleys request?

I have replaced the switch twice, to no avail. Styles is located somewhere in Hollywood, Florida. This flaw in your company structure, that I described here within, over, an over again.

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