Even its Outrage has been triggered now. Thank you so much. Thomas Daly December 20, at 2: Let’s go back to the lake! I noticed its body suddenly started to glow, then it fired one off. Are you a Grass type? I’m glad to have met you. Let’s return to the lake together!

Make sure to eat lots! Thank you very much. What is it, Ayumi-chan? Everyone, please calm down. ETX December 22, at 5: Hang in there, Pansage. So that Gyarados is also! He’s a wanted poacher.

Everyone, please step away from the river!

Thank you so much. There seems to be no issue with the way it’s raised.

No account? No worries.

Are you all right, Pansage? I’ll give up on getting you.

Ojtrage welcome you, let me put my Cooking skills to use. Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2 is brought to you by these sponsors. If only we could do something about Outrage As he pours his feelings into the roaring reel, there is little doubt that fishing is a romantic endeavor for a man! I noticed its body suddenly started to glow, then it fired one off.


What is it, Ayumi-chan?

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It does this with every episode I get from you guys. Come to think of it, I didn’t ask the Lady Connoisseur for his name. Adamant December 19, at 5: I’m also a Fishing Connoisseur! It was right after we lost the battle If we can stop the pain we might be able to do something about this.

You were of great help. Make sure to eat lots!

cilan and brock

I only came here to Kanto recently in order to study afresh as a Connoisseur. But this only happened because I tried to get that Gyarados! As soon as Pansage wakes up, I’ll bring it to you. I’ve never heard about it using Hyper Beam after a battle before, let alone that its body would glow. Find shelter somewhere, hurry!

Make sure not to get thrown off. One of my friends was like that, too. Thomas Daly December 19, at 3: I’ll make sure to become a full-fledged doctor one day. As such, it might simply be a lack of practice.


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It’s reached the peak of its rage. Please don’t rampage any more! They didn’t receive much damage. Oh, I saw your earlier My only critique is that when a line of subtitles appear, sometimes it will flash on and off for a second or too. Permalink Edit Editors Share Share this annotation:

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