The video that went up was his fourth recording attempt. Chugga manages to get Poo’s only weapon after fighting 16 Starmen Super. Hilbert fights yet another Swoobat by virtue of being sent out by accident. Meanwhile in Black, “: On Gary’s end, his Rattata pulled one off in the Hilarious Outtakes. Then a similar instance in Chapter 3, where he uses a lightning bolt to blast a bunch of Blomebas. And the one he missed?

Because he’s Born Lucky , the timing is so perfect that he takes no damage for it. In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike. In Episode 24, Chugga has no enthusiasm for playing the weapon of the day, the Luna Blaster, as he says he’s a terrible player with said weapon. Not bad for a literal pile of trash. Apparently, something was bugging Chugga so much that he had to nerd out about it: Every fight with a Wollywog has been a Moment of Awesome – especially the one where the Wollywog seemed to land on his Pikmin, but just barely missed. It was awesome enough to warrant him being called by name. Chugga posted episode , titled ‘Forgotten Memories’, as a rundown of all the ‘glitch’ items in the game, as well as showing off a whole Dummied Out section of the game Bionis’ shoulder.

A Train to Catch, despite wasting so much time sidetracking for collectibles. Sadly, chughaaconroy no longer work since YouTube disabled annotations. Catching Tropius at nearly full health with a Great Ball on the first try. To put it in perspective: The crowner, however, happens to be against Slaking; both Acooltent and Altair managed to pull their own, the former making it hit itself after fainting, and the latter hanging on to finish it thanks to Steel Wing boosting his already somewhat beefy defense.

And the one he didn’t snag? Roary’s first battle as an Arcanine involved a Koffing Self-Destructing on the first turn in fearthen one-shots a second Koffing!

He used Roc the Archen against Elesa just for the heck of it keep in mind, Haywire and Terrabite had just recently evolved into Zebstrika and Krokorok respectively.


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Keep in mind that Cryogonal as a species has utterly terrible defenseand yet he still took it. Roary and Vui manage to completely thrash Koga’s team while the latter only got to attack once. And as a fun case of irony, it’s his Liepard that defeats Ottawa due to Chugga getting cocky about her speed stat, netting him the first clean victory against the water-typefollowed by chaptre staying standing against Terrabite for a surprisingly long time.

He doesn’t get it. Hilbert the Chuggaaconroy evolution into Garbodor may have come rather awkwardly, but at least his debut battle as such is a success. Soloing the entire Driftveil gym and one-shotting Clay’s Krokorok aren’t too surprising considering the type advantage, but she managed to take out the much faster and stronger Excadrill without taking any damage.

He may have been healed up, but the rest of the battle pretty much showed that was unnecessary. Pandora, his Absol that is mentioned in the above entry, destroyed the first 2 Elite Four members.

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From Part 1 he says he’ll be showing every sidequest. It was enough to earn Emile’s respect, and even made him reconsider his nickname specifically, to Salsa. On his first take. So, by episodewith the story wrapped up, every single sidequest in the world completed, and Colony 6 rebuilt, surely that’s the end of the let’s play, right?

Something even crazier is his rewatching of every cutscene beforehand to determine which weather was best for each, and he did that to preserve the best atmosphere portrayed by the story and setting.

After failing once to beat Miror B.

Mother 3 – Chapter 5 – Episode 4

When Emile defeats the Black Empoleon gang, he leads with Hilbert, causing the gang to rename themselves the “Black Garbodor”. And the one he missed? Dunban did not have an Anti-Mechon weapon, meaning he could only deal damage when the Glacier Acon which was a Mechon was Toppled. The Absol he caught only one episode beforehand.


Chuggaacconroy time, from a Magma Grunt’s Numel using Magnitude. As the density of water is 1, kilograms per meters cubed, it should be able to easily float on water carrying something as heavy as 2, lbs, but it can’t learn Surf. Chuggaa made the first complete bean spot walkthrough in existence. Odairu flooring Gengar after being revived.

While it eventually ends in failure, his battle with the Shrewd Possessor goes on to the last playable second due to his early mistakes.

Not only is she an S Rank, she gets insane kill counts per match. And the game considers 24 hours forward or back as no adjustment, so getting the time and the weather right to stage each cutscene must have been incredibly tedious at times. What exactly are the chances of it happening? In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike. The best part is that it was most likely all the money he kept writing off as useless that saved his rank.

Ivysaur’s basically been sweeping the first three Gym Leaders, but his fight against Lt.

He only didn’t because Fury Attack doesn’t have the best accuracy. It was awesome enough to warrant him being called by name. Taking on the Internet and dhuggaaconroy with regards to Illumise’s pronunciation. And she wasn’t even at full health at the time, meaning she could take just as much punishment.

He’s unable to use items to heal, his defense is lowered twice, he’s under Wrap, and he’s confused AND attracted This is all in spite of Emile having a pretty good strategy against her.

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