There’s a Frog Coin that’s only available at a specific point in the game. Super Mario 64 DS. Chugga defeating Man-At-Legs basically a Arachnorb with a machine gun , while only losing 4 purples. Within five encounters, he ran into it; this is the first awesome moment. The first time in the game that E. Not too special in terms of game mechanics, but Moegami’s evolution into Combusken happens after he beats the Aqua Grunt holding Peeko hostage. Chugga then decides to make Misdreavus a permanent member of his team. A potential guest for the weapon convinced him to play it himself due to his success with the blasters before, and sure enough, Chugga turns out to be pretty good with it.

This includes Shadow Lugia, which he caught without the Master Ball. In a double battle against the cast of The Dex. A potential guest for the weapon convinced him to play it himself due to his success with the blasters before, and sure enough, Chugga turns out to be pretty good with it. And the game considers 24 hours forward or back as no adjustment, so getting the time and the weather right to stage each cutscene must have been incredibly tedious at times. In Episode 24, Chugga has no enthusiasm for playing the weapon of the day, the Luna Blaster, as he says he’s a terrible player with said weapon. Uh, you weaken me with Surf It’s then followed by him taking on Vileplume and delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle.

Mother 3 – Chapter 2 – Episode 5

Not only epusode she an S Rank, she gets insane kill counts per match. That, and they both put up a pretty spectacular fight. Took a Level in Badassanyone? Only due to an unlucky critical chuggqaconroy. The reveal at the end of Day The video that went up was his fourth recording attempt. Ivysaur then proceeded to clean up house and take on both Kadabra and Charmeleon Potion-assisted for the latter, but stilldefeating them both despite the major type disadvantage. Finally, Hex is sent out.


There was also a Flareon in that sequence, but Watching a starter reach her final stage has never felt so good!

Chugga then decides to chubgaaconroy Misdreavus a permanent member of his team. Roary’s first battle as an Arcanine involved a Koffing Self-Destructing on the first turn in fearthen one-shots a second Koffing! It takes guts to tell off people on YouTube, especially your own fans, deserving it as much as they were. Steve, you’re a freakin’ trooper!

Not bad for a literal pile of trash.

She manages to defeat the former without getting hit, and the latter is just barely taken out with an Extreme Speed. He entered difficulty select screen with default level of 5.

The rival battle on the S. The back-to-back battles with Grodus and Bowser. Electrode has a height of 3’11 and a weight of On a meta note, Meowth defeating Pikachu.

Ottawa the Oshawott soloing most of the first part of the game with the exception of Cilan’s Pansage up to the second rematch with Cheren. All just to give the views the best experience possible. However, it wasn’t killed. Continuing the trend of amazing debut battles, Vui’s very first fight as an Espeon involves him demolishing Ariana’s Vileplume with Psybeam.

Mother 3 – Chapter 5 – Episode 4

That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination. Have we emphasized how dedicated this guy is yet? His battle with Winona.

Cheren really is growing as a trainer, after all. Despite a Double Team boost, Ivysaur manages to land every single hit. Later chuggaaconory the same chuggaaconory, Lombre later, Kappa almost manages to take out May’s Torkoal despite the massive disadvantage. Acooltent manages yet another “barely survived for a win” moment against a Machoke’s Revenge.


Chugga is left speechless.

Willie actually put up a good fight against the nigh-unbeatable Chugga, actually causing faints and averting the Running Gag of “Billy Bob takes one damage. Already chaoter its place in the roster. He has stated how he hates Wollywogs from Pikmin.

Mother 3 – Chapter 2 – Episode 5

Heck, his Absol lands the final blow of the fight. A minor, yet notable one in terms of production.

And the one he missed? One for Vui the Eevee and Methane the shiny Koffing: Chugga posted episodetitled ‘Forgotten Memories’, as a rundown of all the ‘glitch’ items in the game, as well as showing off a whole Dummied Out section of the game Bionis’ shoulder. Catching Tropius at nearly full health with a Great Ball on the first try.

The second attempt at catching the Lake of Rage’s Gyarados results in it getting caught with a single Great Ball. Chugga then proceeds to show off Ottawa’s newfound power by having her use Razor Shell on a Minccino!

In the twenty-fifth episode, he battles Rider Willie, a Zigzagoon trainer who serves as a player’s very first Orre opponent in Colosseum.

It was enough to earn Emile’s respect, and even made him reconsider his nickname specifically, to Salsa. He was just as surprised as we were. Methane tanking Karen’s Umbreon despite lowered accuracy and confusion. In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike. When attempting to catch a Growlithe, Odairu the Totodile ends up taking it out via accidental critical hit.

With Fury Attack, of all moves.

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