You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Chouseishin arrive, and Daisazer finishes the clone off. When both failed, Belzeus decides to capture Ran and kill her before her abilities as the Communicator fully manifest, sending his Garba soldiers to exterminate both her and Ruby. In Live Mode, GunCaesar is shaped after a liger and attacks with his cannons as well as with his claws. After being manhandled by the Fire Tribe, Karin assumes her Nova-Beast form and destroys the city, as Garuda and Dolcruz are summoned to fight her. Sazer-Pisces’ main weapon is the Aqua Blitz, a small gun.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After getting scarred by Ai, Lucia attempts to get revenge on her, both Ran and Mika arrive to Ai’s aid and defeat Lucia, mortally wounding her and taking her to the hospital in hopes of healing her. Sazer-Dail’s main weapons are the Axe Tagger, axe -like tonfas. It reactivated, then busted out of the Japan Self-Defense Force holding area, when Logia returned to Earth to seek vengeance against the Sazers. He likes dolphins a lot. Each ChouSeiShin has two modes, which can be switched between with a simple transformation. His finishing move, “Herakles Hurricane”, fires his entire arsenal of cannons and blasters simultaneously. Acting as a guide to the Wind Tribe, she convinced them that the other Sazers were a threat to the planet and must be destroyed.

He is the oldest GranSazer. The suits of the Water Tribe are based on sea animals and have shades of blue, piloting the Aqua-Driver Grand Vehicles. But when Ran’s power as the Communication are finally invoked and contacted to Warp Monarch’s will, Belzeus’ plans are revealed as Warp Moncarh allows the Gransazers to destroy both Cabryon and the Garban mothership.

Its finishing attack is called “Full Moon Slash”, which is a vertical slash of magenta-tinted air that charges to the target.

After Radia dies, Lucia swears to kill the Gransazers in spite of Logia ordering her not to act. It vaguely resembles an M4 Sherman.


Gransazer 19 – video dailymotion

Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 7. After finding Ruby, Gorgion is halted by the Flame Tribe. From the very beginning, they were assisted by Professor Horiguchi, who helped them realize their duty as Gransazers. Though she had the upper hand against the two Chouseishin, Karin retreats to the valley hill to heal her burn injuries by Garuda, taking Akira into the beast for one last chance to join her before she resumes her attack.

Ai was in love with Akira Dentsuin. The grannsazer child began to feed when Makoto and Jin arrive and were attacked as Tauron arrives to support them before the Bosquito multiplies itself as the Flame Tribe arrive to counter the second Bosquito until Grwnsazer blasts it.

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With his plans ruined, Belzeus is knocked out by Chouesishin as he takes the Garban to be brought before the Warp Monarch council to face judgement. After evading the Wind Tribe, the Bosquito reproduces a child before fighting the Gransazers and is killed by them. Tenma eventually got the Guntroller and freed Guntras, who joined up with Cloud Dragon as an ally to the Sazers. He often shows up just in time to level the odds.

After being healed, Lucia learns that she is no longer to continue the mission. But when Lucia is wounded, Radia decides to complete the mission on his own, fighting Gorbion and Pisces until he enlarges into a giant as Gans arrives and the gathered Water Tribe awaken Leviathan.

The Empress Of China Episode Home Drama List Chouseishin Gransazer. Tenma cares a lot about his comrades as well as gransazwr the world he lives.

Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 4. Its finishing attack is called “Final Judgement”, which is a concentrated ball of air. At first, they wage war on each other, but after learning the truth of their ancestry and their reason for awakening, the Gransazer tribes unite to protect Earth from the Warp Monarch, an alliance of various alien species, from once again extinguishing all life on the planet.


Unlike his subordinates, Lucia and Radia, Logia cannot grow into a giant; instead, he summons his mecha, which chouseishkn always on standby in outer space, and which Logia alone can summon. Having helped Professor Horiguchi with his research, she was the first Sazer to be awakened.

He enjoys having his powers and playing around with them, always up for a challenge. He later began to explore Tokyo in search for Mika so she can help him gather data of the present-day society. Video was deactivated by our moderator. His main weapons are the Double Crescent, a pair of swords. New trailer released for Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 3.

Despite that, he enjoys teamwork and thus was soon convinced vhouseishin Ryoko that the Sazers have to work as one big team. When ordered by Belzeus to kill Ran before her power is can awaken, Brighton summons Algol to carry out the task. However, she came to life before her body could be autopsied by the national defense group.

Mega City Book Club Ep But the Pisces and Gans’ interference saved their leader as he decides to wait for DaiLogian before calling our the Flame Tribe for a match between Garuda and DaiLogia before the others arrive to form DaiSazer. So if someone would get on the case, that would indeed be a service for all of us.

Everybody Cha Cha Cha Episode By continuing to use this website, you agree to their 199. The events and characters are described, below, using in-universe tone. His past as a war photographer made him grow chouseiishin and mistrusting, and initially he does not trust anyone but his tribe members. Notify user via Email.

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