Video is violating privacy. Episode May He gives Sameera the responsibility while he gives Abhi and Samrat the task to make Haider Sheikh talk, even if it means extreme physical torture. As samrat in a mask enters the location and cant find pragya rashi, he realizes something is amiss but before he can make a move… abhi corners him. Sameera has made all arrangements to transfer Rashi and Pragya in a convoy of three cars, in order to mislead the enemies but Samrat calls up and gives his men the car number. On coming to the base he tells Veer how sameera has found out that the mole is one member of the Hawk only. She tries to shout but her voice is too weak… Abhi turns and is about to see sameera, but she slips and rolls down landing at the feet of aftab. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

Video is violating privacy. Sameera is tortured but she doesn’t reveal anything. Abhi is horrified seeing it and wonders where Sameera is? At the base veer and hawks are trying to find out where sameera is when a CD comes to them, they are shocked to see sameera in jehaan sheikh’s captivity and jehaan asks for haider sheikh in return of sameera. Abhimanyu is suspicious by john cleese 9, views – 5 year ago Rakhi bumps into Abhimanyu again and flirts with him. Rakhi bumps into Abhimanyu again and flirts with him.

He says bring my father and then take your sameera back! Abhi senses Shikha is upto something and rushes back cholna the base and loses his nerves on Shikha. Presenting the full audio of Buri Buri sung by Rashi Mal. Rakhi bumps into Abhimanyu again and flirts with him. Video is violating privacy. Veer and abhi start seeing the footage but they see one tape is missing, they are puzzled… but samrat is happy coz he has the tape in his hand, thanks to shikha.

rashi. |

He somehow manages to escape from there but after a struggle with abhi whereby his shirt is torn and he is hit by a bullet. Meanwhile, Sameera is shocked to hear about Abhi being touted as the traitor, she does not believe the terrorists when they tell her that it is all over for Abhi now. Show All Video results. Samrat, Abhi and Sameera go to Haider and Samrat is given the task to make him talk.


Recap of Chhoona Hai Aasmaan : Chhoona Hai Aasmaan

Samrat is delighted that now with abhi and sameera both out of the way, and veer’s faith on him may be it is time to plan his father Haider Sheikh’s escape. Here, Sameera held aamsan by the terrorist gang in their hideout. Shikha denies it, saying that she only made one mistake, by not sharing an important information and she shows the notepad. But just as he is about to see sameera… Aftab and the terrorists manage to hide her, and once abhi and tanvi move on, they drive off with sameera as hostage.

On the morning of the meeting where veer will announce the name of the mole all hawks gather outside his room and are tensed as to who could it be amongst episodd.

Upon questioning, the man hurriedly goes off but Shikha finds a notepad, where she gets the information that car three will be hijacked.

She makes a resolve to escape asap so that she can warn others… and she somehow manages to escape from the terrorists den, after sending a message. Samrat to save himself puts the entire blame on Shikha.


In Sameera’s planning session, Samrat notes down the car number, in which Rashi and pragya will be travelling, he will have his revenge! But Abhi misses out on sameera once again and he has to return to the base upon Veer’s urgent call.

Veer decides to exchange haider for sameera, abhi doesn’t question veer’s decision and the hawsk prepare to take haider to the place that jehaan has said. Sameera realizes that she is in jehaan sheikh’s captivity and she refuses to even hao water, jehaan comes and scolds the terrorists for picking the wrong girl but then an idea strikes him. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private.

Don’t show me this message for some while. Abhi is locked up in solitary confinement and suspended from his duty.

Khoya khoya chand khula aasmaan (Kaala bazaar)- скачивай и слушай mp3

Haider is shocked and tries to dissuade Samrat but Samrat won’t listen. Samrat takes the opportunity and rides off with the van with his father in an attempt to free him abhi chases him and catches up with samrat, whose plans are foiled.


Wasman sameera is tortured for giving a false info. Out in the base, Out in the base, Veer gets e;isode report on the investigation of the mole that he had asked for samrat is puzzled and confused when veer calls him and asks him what shud be the punishment of the traitor amongst the hawks and tells samrat that next day in the morning he will announce the name.

The rest of the hawks can not believe it as Veer orders Abhi’s cchoona and medals to be stripped of and Abhi is humiliated, which reaches a peak when officers at the base also spare no words to insult him. They all go into the room and to everyone shock, veer points to Abhi and gives evidence that he is the mole. We are sorry to hear about your experience Please let us know how we can improve your experience submit.

Abhi realizing that he came so close to getting hold of sameera breaks down. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

All the students stand still as Professor Epiwode enters the canteen. He runs to shikha’s house nearby to take shelter and shikha on seeing his torn shirt and the tattoo on his back realizes samraat is jehaan sheikh… she is stunned beyond words.

In the base he’s treated with contempt by abhi and samrat cjoona inside but sadly has to control himself. Abhi gets the message and runs to the nandi hills location to trace and rescue sameera. Veer decides to question everyone, and first in line is samrat. Video file is corrupt and is not playable.

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