Joon-seok, Sang-taek, and Jung-ho remain close, drinking, singing karaoke , and eating galbi together. The plot is mainly the story of four young boys who grow up very differently. JY Skacto Super Reviewer. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Joon-seok simply replies, “Embarrassment. Posted June 14, Posted May 20, Full List of Academy Awards Winners.

I think it succeeded in connecting the characters and their story to the audience very well. After Dong-su causes Joon-seok’s boss to be imprisoned, a rogue assassination attempt, headed by Doruko, is led against Dong-su without Joon-seok’s knowledge. Cineline 2 , Cowell Investment Capital Co. Posted March 30, A few years later, Sang-taek and Jung-ho return to find Joon-seok married to Jin-sook. Dong-su smashes the school’s glass cases with its awards and trophies and drops out of school. Likewise, some plot points are underdeveloped and should have been fleshed out.

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To change their life. Top box office of South Korea There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

The New Home of Kung Fu? Chin-gu is a South Korean action film written and directed by Kwak Kyung-taek.

Friend | aka Chingoo () Review |

A detective plays cat-and-mouse with a banker who brutally murdered his own parents. As a result of the following group brawl, Jun-seok and Dong-su are expelled chignu high school.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Synopsis As the title suggests, the notion of friendship is the prevailing force throughout the film. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. The attack fails, and in retaliation, Dong-su mounts an attack on Joon-seok’s fishing facilities, during which many of Joon-seok’s men, including Doruko, are killed.

I think this definitely has the potential for a higher rating, but I did get a little lost somewhere in the middle and is definitely a film that would benefit from multiple viewings. Joon-seok talks to Dong-su and asks if he would like to accompany him to see Sang-taek off to America.


Articles containing Korean-language text. Slowly by slowly the story eventually becomes more and more bland. Views Read Edit View history. JY Skacto Super Reviewer. Joon-seok invites the band to a party at his house, where Sang-taek receives his first kiss from the lead singer, Jin-sook. He returns to find Dong-su and Jun-seok now high-ranking members of rival criminal gangs, and both Sang-taek and Jung-ho find themselves stuck in the middle of gang wars, violence and crime.

Mobsters shouldn’t be embarrassed. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. While Sang-taek and Jung-ho both go on to college, Jun-seok and Dong-su are stranded with no academic future, and both head into the criminal underworld. The body count is high, however Kyung-Taek does care to show that when a man is stabbed to death, it is both brutal and intimate. No Tears for the Dead InFriend was nominated for five awards, three of which it won.

Use the HTML below. An additional twenty minutes would have resulted in a still bearable minute running time and would have better allowed writer Kwak Kyung-taek to tell his story. Posted March 30, Learn more More Like This. The cinematography is stunning, and the music is beautiful, albeit heart wrenching.

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This film is the director’s experiences with his friends, a semi- autobiography set in his hometown, Busanand the actors speak with a strongly accented Busan dialect. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In high school, they become smitten with the lead singer of a girl band their age. They flirt, pick fights with playground bullies and generally behave like all carefree teenagers do. Later, he recovers from his addiction, divorces his wife, and mourns his father’s death.


Sang-taek asks why he pleaded guilty in court. Some incredible cinematography, especially in the rain murder scene. While not wholly original Once Upon a Time in America and The Godfather covered much of the same territory years priorFriend managed to completely reel me in with its stunning performances by Jang Dong-geon Dong-su and Yoo Oh-sung Jun-seok.

Friend | aka Chingoo (2001) Review

Justin Raby 13 November, Cast: Yoo Oh-sung is tailor made for the role of gang boss Jun-seok. Slowly life takes difficult turns where friends become rivals in the crime world.

Search for ” Chingoo ” on Amazon. During an outing to the movies, Sang-taek catches the eye of a school kid he had jovie a fight with earlier.

In the 20 years it took to finally get Black Panther made, dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles. After graduation, Sang-taek and Jung-ho go to college but the others do not. In a genre that is saturated and evidently overindulged its hard to say that Friend is not a typical gangster melodrama. By sugarplum Started February 17, It makes you wonder what has led you to this point, and where you will be in the future.

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