Flames and Feathers by northpeach reviews Iemitsu may be the decedent of an old family with the Gift of Flames, Nana is also of a line, even older. Ssundee and Lancey get sucked into a portal created by Derp Ssundee. Rated T for cussing and injuries. The Importance of Double Checking by Alshoruzen reviews Before they all got used to Shinichi’s crazy boyfriend, there were many strange misunderstandings at the police station. You shouldn’t have died yet, Decimo. Thanks for hearing me out Swifters! Two contradictory people in differing positions in life. Old secrets come back.

Well, my grandma taught me if I have nothing nice to say, don’t talk. To protect those closest to him, Danny never told anyone his secret. Don’t approach an innocent lake by Lauditor reviews Lakes aren’t that innocent you know. To Shatter Reflections by InkTea reviews Tsuna is able to summon beings of magic to obey his every whim. But how can he be stopped when he’s already won? But the tests say otherwise.

I Get Off by bookgirl reviews “You don’t know that I know you watch me every monecraft, And I just can’t resist the urge to stand here in the light, You’re greedy eyes upon me and then I come undone, And I could close the curtain but this too much fun.

The Minecraft Files – #42: Basement and Storage Room

Gaara is losing control. Father Material by Animegirl reviews Satan has never tried to grow or nurture anything in his life before, but for the sake of the only person who was ever precious to him, he’s willing to try just once. With the knowledge she has, Slender might just change, but not if The Organization gets hold of him.

On second thought, maybe that wasn’t a good idea based off how red he was turning. Arc27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Little Dancing Cat by Alshoruzen reviews In a moment of insanity, Shinichi made a bet with Ai, and Kaito is more than happy to be the judge. Someone to You by Luna Darkside reviews Secret identities make for interesting love triangles. If you don’t want that, tell me and I’ll state the prompt as ‘closed’.


To conquer the world because destroying the mafia is so last season and I never got around with it the last time anyway…kufufu.

Title That Gives Nothing Away by Anonymity 31 crucial reviews What if Hiccup was taken from his father and mother as a baby and then was raised by dragons? This chjmneyswift11, it has to do with everyone’s favorite detective, Edogawa Conan. With Toothless by her side, she challenges the world, her fate, image and future on an island where she rules as queen. If you enjoyed this video please take a sec to leave a LIKE on this video!

Will she take the right chances? Roughing It by HaiJu reviews Lost deep in the woods with an undead pack on their heels, Maddie and Phantom find themselves entangled in an awkward alliance.

Now it is up to Sky and his friends to find that dragon, kill it, and bring peace back to minecraftia. Love Bites by Oilux reviews At a party for Pacifica’s twentieth birthday, an interesting man swept Mabel off her feet. Or who he knew. And that’s not all, she is known for her temper issues. Too bad his family had no idea what he knew. Parental Supervision by DeltaV reviews After dealing with minrcraft events of Night Three, night guard Mike Schmidt and his animatronic friends live’s are finally starting to slow down.

I didn’t sign up for this by erimies reviews Time travel, the ultimate hoax to cheat in life and turn bad odds to your advantage. But an amulet has always been something that was cursed. Yandere Simulator – Rated: Stick Around by Luna Darkside reviews “If you quit being a detective, you have to do whatever I say for a week. T – English – Family – Chapters: Moonlight Reflections by LadyShadow26 reviews To say the night had not gone as planned would chineyswift11 a fiiles of an understatement.


Blazing Blue by RinOkumura reviews Rin was pissed. However, things don’t always tend to be what they minecravt. But now Akatsuki is finally making a move, Naruto has a promise to keep and a promotion xhimneyswift11 earn, Karin insist he start procreating preferably yesterday and Jiraiya has left him alone again.

Others because chiimneyswift11 are naturally quiet. This story is about Conan and Shinichi and their lives in hiding. What do the magic Kaito gang think about him. Will the village accept him? How was the life of a hero? A Phantom Marooned by LordPugsy reviews No one but Danny was suspicious when his English class was awarded an all-expenses paid cruise trip by an anonymous benefactor.

Minecraft Files

They hide their identities, but what if there’s more than that? But the tests say otherwise. Or, at least, who they know him as. Or will it all fall to pieces? Upon entering viles mineshaft, a strange sensation that he wasn’t alone deep underground overcomes him.

Sorry, I’m bad at summaries. Lifetime by Alicia Moonstoan reviews After watching the human world around him for centuries, Slender still knows nothing about mankind and how we think.

Toothless and a disturbing imagination. What if he stayed gone for 3 years?

Or will she make him remember. T 4 safty and character death! Read inside for full summary and table of contents.

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