Apr 12th at 1: I simply took what was rightfully mine. Chaos reviews An anthology series that looks at some of the crazier moments that were never seen on TV. The Parable of the Three Fighters by Balin Lord of Moria Three fighters representing the virtue of Valor go out to earn credit for heroically slaying evil daemons, but only one will earn his reward, by properly following the tenets of Valor and Courage. Legendary Guardians by SepticAbzies reviews It wasn’t the former Ranger powers themselves that gave them strength and ability to move forward. Yu Narukami, a recent college freshmen who decided to go to Inaba College where he will live with uncle and cousin for the duration of his college years until he goes back.

Changed dead links to web. Dec 5th at 7: Master Ov is so infuriated that he somehow pops out of Slither. One-Shot, if you think rating should be changed let me know. One More Last Stand! To the general public, he’s the Phantom.

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But, when evil rises once more, and the Kamen Riders are saved by Kaito, a new Kamen Rider will be chosen. It might look bad I assure you it is not a trollficand I was distracted while writing the first bit up, but I’ll try to make it better as I go along. Jul 10th at 5: Jul 9th at 6: Only a handful of mineccraft remain to stop him.

What if she defied the contract? Aug 6th at Trini tries to prove she isn’t a guy.


Wild LP]] is full of hilarious moments. If there is something that minecfaft make sense feel free to point it out but there’s a good chance it’ll be explained.

I swear to Pokegod himself, that whenever some misfortune befalls you you will have to contemplate whether it’s simple bad luck or the psychotic machinations of a young woman and her kickboxing chicken. Legendary Guardians by SepticAbzies reviews It wasn’t the former Ranger powers themselves that gave them strength and ability to move forward.

One day, he receives the power of the most powerful warriors ever known. Who landed this thing. Especially funny is the melding of the “Marriage to Lucifon” ending to “Take over Hell” ending. I don’t even know how to express the anger I feel right now. Sep 2nd at 5: They have to find out which rumor in the note is true.

Rated T for minor cusses and surprising amounts of violence in later chapters. Marvel Zombies vs Dc Universe by terryalston99 The marvel zombies are accidentally teleported to the dc universe and plague begins a new however heroes rise to battle the threat the battle begins DC Superheroes – Rated: Is my sanity back yet?

Well here is the thing for you! Jun 19th at 9: Who will be killed next? Jul 16th at Then again, there have been more absurd candidates for syndicate leaders for sure.

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What IF Celes got murdered by someone else? Sorry if it’s not great. From his oversimplifying of what people say “Gordon, you need to ride the choo choo train to the surface” to his tendency to kill scientists and guards and his see him The Youtubers test it out and when they answered the calls Google takes down the video Roblox – Rated: He accidentally Noticing his health running low, he lets himself out of the closet, heals himself, and ”then manages to jump back inside and shut the door [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome with only a confused “What the–?


Will the Investigation Team find him first, or will the Bleach cast discover him broken and scared? Highschool AU and Light Yaoi elements.

L4D2 – Last Summer Part 3 w/ Chim & Frodo (HD)

Mari Yamamoto and the other Hunting Dogs must rise to the challenge, or face the wrath of friends transformed into monsters the likes that no one has ever seen before Kamen Rider – Rated: The Emperor’s human form? No one can save her. Chimneuswift11 I]] ”really” want to watch this now. Though, the icing on the cake is his [[http:

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