Dong-wook advises that he tell Se-kyung the truth. But Tommy realizes first that she is no longer an honest, hardworking Candy because she had come to his party in the hope of meeting a match. When the video ends, In Hwa looks expectantly towards him but he smiles and asks what that was? I mean these are k-dramas, so a ton of plot issues and inconsistencies is a given, and I do think this show has been losing most of its magic in the last several episodes, but I think that part of it actually makes sense. You have no idea how much I loved episode 6. You know how I often act like a fool. Seung Jo goes home with the box of emoticon rabbits, sitting down and taking two out. But you could make the argument that Se-kyung didn’t know who he really was but her attraction to him just scared her away because of what happened with In-chan.

Perevell December 19, at 7: Those dramas had compelling OTPs for me. I’ve been and remain! Seung Jo walks over and mutters that he really wants to do something to that bastard. Don’t want to spoil but we’ll be fixed probably in ep I love to read your views of this episode also. Mystisith December 24, at 2: I love these kinds of families, and it looks like they are adopting SK.

As for the laughter, its another polite thing to do in Korea, because being too serious is very frowned upon. Se Kyung runs around her all excited and then sends him a text saying thank you. The Han family is packing up to move to a rental and bickering about what to bring. He is impressed by her knowledge. I LOL’ed and rewound dobg that scene, too. I aluce this recap. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here She brings upat that coffee shop, the incident Tommy told her about when he failed. At the Shin household, Yoon-joo is still shaking after learning that In-hwa is being matched with her ex-boyfriend.

Less fun, more bore.


He purposely maybe trying to keep distance choengdam that stigma. Choosing to stay put on the path is within her character and she thinks is the only way to fulfill her dreams.

Yoon Joo laughs but is curious why outside the rumors are that soysauce was poured on him? Se Kyung tells her dad about the dinner tomorrow and her dad supportively tells her that she will need to work hard to help that lonely family feel loved. I think PSH’s accent is more understandable than hers actually. He WAS disinherited and cut off without a centime before he went to Paris.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Recap

She is about to say she lied to him when his face turns and he warns her to not say a single word. Please please be happy. SJ’s rediscovery of humanness is willful and voluntary. Mz Innocence is just so petite and cute, you hope she gets her wishes the correct way, and blooms into who she can be.

Once it was settled, he asked if her feelings for Seung-jo were sincere. Also would it kill for a little romance in this drama. But this is a make believe drama to a degree though she elisode and was committed to Inchan, I don’t know if they both were still “In Love” with each other when they broke up. She asks how he knew she moved?

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap

Se Kyung did not set out to seduce Seung Jo knowing he was rich. Se-kyung is still skeptical, gecap demands proof. She stands up, and immediately topples over from the heels.

It has a epiisode of everything, more funny and hilarious scenes from ep 3 All I hope is that she doesn’t find out who he really is until she falls completely in love with him.

How could Dong Wook be happy that Seung Jo is getting married when nothing about his personality and emotional hang ups are ever addressed or fixed. It becomes a little awkward when they have a moment of strong physical attraction so they pull away.

Se Kyung cries and says that she is sorry. She wanted to make a business marriage with Seung Jo herself to increase her wealth and episodd.


How fascinating is that. President Shin says not yet, they need to win back Royal and Artemis and the only way is through Yoon Joo, who is friends with Se Kyung.

Tommy suddenly asks if she wants to go to Paris? I had so much hope for sj and sk. I love the fact that our couple actually talk and get to know each other. Perhaps that is because it being 16 episodes and the writers not having to fill in empty episodes with Bleh and Fluff.

Wonderfully insightful as usual. It is amazing, yet I still need to prepare myself for the couple of episodes of sadness that will comes once he finds out her early intentions.

Email me when you are sure, and I can email the file back.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 7 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Because overall he is much more grounded in these last two episodes. Totally agree with everything you said here. Yoon Joo arrives with a present of an expensive portrait for Tommy. Even if Donf like this drama as a fiction, I am wondering what kind of message do they give to Korean women. Or they could come up with sorts of misunderstandings, or some kind of financial pressure to get Se-Kyung to back off from Seung-jo so he’s forced into marrying In-hwa. U r very detailed. The way the text was worded was indirect, but she guessed he was the one who retaliated against Tommy Hong.

Dong Wook is now trotted out 3 minutes an episode to play the exposition fairy? Then he can use his innocence properly to help the person he likes this time around. He cannot run away.

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