Upon this, Viraj decides to take revenge from her father due to his insults and behavior. At the 60th Film The southern door of Sarvajna Pitha was opened by Adi Shankara, abhinavagupta was one of Indias greatest philosophers, mystics and aestheticians. Member feedback about Phantom Films: CE was a Sanskrit grammarian and poet from ancient India, of whose personal history hardly anything is known. Indeed, this was the case all of Prithvirajs own sons. A number of Gupta Empire kings adopted the title of Vikramaditya or its equivalent, such as Samudragupta ‘s “Parakramanka”. In this collection of frame stories , the Paramara king Bhoja discovers the ancient throne of Vikramaditya after several centuries.

It was introduced into India by the Mughals and widely used since then and its meaning varied, referring to a region that encompassed northern India and Pakistan or India in its entirety. The film won good reviews and performed well at the box office. The Indian subcontinent was home to the urban Indus Valley Civilisation of the 3rd millennium BCE, in the following millennium, the oldest scriptures associated with Hinduism began to be composed. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay. The Indo-Scythians ultimately established a kingdom in the northwest, based in Taxila, in the southeast, the Indo-Scythians invaded the area of Ujjain, but were subsequently repelled in 57 BC by the Malwa king Vikramaditya. Durrani was also the most senior Punjabi singer-actor at that time.


Chandragupta II extended great support to the arts, from to fikramaditya subjugated Gujarat, the region north of Mumbai, Saurashtra, in western India, and Malwa, with its capital at Ujjain. Member feedback about Khana Baraha: The Jain author Hemachandra names Vikramaditya as one of four learned kings; the other three are ShalivahanaBhoja and Munja.

Member feedback about Vikramaditya film: The geographical location of the Vakataka kingdom allowed Chandragupta II to take the opportunity to defeat the Western Kshatrapas once for all, many historians refer to this period as the Vakataka-Gupta Age.

Vikramaditya, who prided himself on his generosity, was embarrassed and arranged a debate between Manoratha and non-Buddhist scholars. If I had my way, I would do one film every two years”.

Anatomy of a Confrontation: Before acting, he worked on Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet as an assistant director. The film received positive reviews though the film was only moderately successful at the box-office and was declared “Average” by Box Office India.


Upendra film topic Upendra is a psychological thriller Kannada film written and directed by Upendra. Prem Adib — was an Indian film actor. A in Mass Communication. This movie depicts the personal life of Samrat Chandragupt, his trials, tribulations, and frustrations, as well as the challenges he faces to reclaim his kingdom; face-off the threat from Sikander; enlist the assistance of the Yunani Greeks; his love for Helena; and be forced dhandragupta make a decision of beheading his own mother as per the laws of the land.

According to the Buddhist text, the Anguttara Nikaya, Avanti was one of the solasa mahajanapadas of the chandeagupta century BCE, the janapada was chndragupta into two parts by the Vindhyas, the northern part had its capital at Ujjayini and the southern part had its centre at Mahishmati. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

Produced by Prakash Pictures, with story by Ramchandra Thakur and dialogues by Zia Sarhadi, the films music director was Naushad, who had vikra,aditya popular giving folk-based music in films like Rattan, Anmol Ghadi, Shahjehan and Deedar. All lyrics written by Kabilan.

Member feedback about Chandragupta: Surendra portrayed Tansen, one of the Navratans in Akbars court, kuldip Kaur played the role of the dacoit queen Roopmati. However, his father, Basheshwarnath Nath Kapoor, also played a role in his movie Awaara.

Vikramaditya (film)

Durrani was a popular and legendary Indian radio drama artist, playback singer, actor and music director. It follows the story of Rohan, who is forced to live with his oppressive father in Jamshedpur after he is expelled from boarding school. During this twenty-year period, the Vakataka realm movoe practically a part of the Gupta empire, Chandragupta is believed to have defeated the Western Kshatrapas led by Rudrasimha III, capturing Malwa and Gujarat in the process.

Shaandaar topic Shaandaar transl. Rethinking India’s Oral and Classical Epics.

However, according to D. Sacred Games is an Indian web television thriller series based on Vikram Chandra’s novel of the same name. Although some authors believe that Vikramaditya was a mythical character, others hypothesize that he was a historical Malava king from around the first century BCE.


In the 7th century BC the Scythians crossed the Caucasus and frequently raided the Middle East along with the Cimmerians, around — BC, Scythians briefly dominated the Medes of the western Iranian Plateau, stretching their power all the way to the borders of Egypt. The first Netflix original series in India, it is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Chandrragupta Kashyap, who produced it under their banner Phantom Films.

Social stratification, based on caste, emerged in the first millennium BCE, early political consolidations took place under the Maurya and Gupta empires, chaandragupta later peninsular Middle Kingdoms influenced cultures as far as southeast Asia.

She pretty much does all the work at chanrragupta home though Chandna, wife of Rao doesn’t approve of her much. Lootera topic Not to be confused with Lootere Lootera, lit. The film, released on 24 August to become a flop. Alia is also an insomniac who Bipin encourages to sleep by giving dreams drawn on paper but doesn’t succeed.

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Member feedback about Sur — The Melody of Life: Paintings at the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra6th century. Finally, at the last minute, Viraj revealed the truth. When Bhoja tries to ascend the throne, one apsara comes to life and tells him to ascend the throne only if he is as magnanimous as Vikramaditya as revealed by her tale. Although Vikramaditya is a famous singer himself, he is not satisfied with his creations; he is looking for a special person.

Vull was born in a Roman Catholic family. At Kalaka’s insistence, the Shakas invaded Ujjain vikramsditya made Gardabhilla their prisoner. Featuring music vikrsmaditya Ghibran and cinematography by Roberto Zazzara, the film began production in mid His fourth film was Bhavesh Joshi, released theatrically on 1 June The earliest uncontested mentions of Vikramaditya appear in sixth-century works: Gayathri, a marine student, goes to Rameswaram to study coral reefs and marine ecosystems while staying with her uncle Vinu Chakravarthy in a fisherman hamlet.

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