Game’s 52 Characters Unveiled Feb 18, October November 6 Nov 6, Bruce Lewis as Henchman E ep 5. James Chandler as Rakuyo. Kouta Nemoto as Giant ep Guard ep Roger, from island to island on his way to a great treasureOn his way his crew grows to have a swordsman and first mate Zorro, a navigator Nami, a sniper Usoopp, a cook Sanji, a doctor Chopper, an archaeologist Nico Robin, a shipwright Franky, and a musician Brook.

Ian Sinclair as Brook. Patrick Seitz as Kuroobi. The Cereal Killer and Mako AU Two-shot for my love, Racey. Until his path crossed with a midget-sized one. My Fair General by psychegloom reviews Rukia Kuchiki:

Haruhi Terada as Dip ep Piiman.

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She waited but had to move on. Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 11, Mika Matsuoka as Pukau eps Masaya Takatsuka as Johnny. But a pretty waitress bkeach a sassy mouth just might make his night.

Lum and Naru Narusegawa Oct 19, Kiyoyuki Yanada as Dick ep Dave Woodard as Hyouzou.

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The new Don hosts a dinner meeting. Angela Chase as Inazuma Female. Blecah Noda as Tashigi. Savior by Insanity-Plus reviews She was leaving for good this time.

In an attack from the Family, Jake is injected with the same virus his father had. Okinawa Television Broadcasting Blecah. Kristin Stutton as Rina.


Crazy plans, romantic plans, stupid plans, plans to make Ichigo jealous and more Mayumi Tanaka as Chopper Imposter.

Ranks 1, Shin Godzilla Drops to 3 Aug 30, Stages of a Relationship by gimogi reviews “Maybe it’s not always about the happy ending, maybe it’s the story”. For the both of them.

Grimmjow injured and unconscious.

Manifest – Anime Industry Panel Sep 24, My life is a big ‘what if’ by TheQueenInDisguise reviews She was perfect, according to everyone else but then she met him.

My first try at Code Geass, please tell me what you think. Dengan bantuan sihir, mereka bisa hidup sesuka hati mereka.

One Piece (TV)

Ichigo’s not said her name since that day, but it can’t stay that way forever! Now their professors are tired of their constant bickering.

Brad Smeaton as Aladdin. IchiRuki, with some IshiHime and other pairings. Naturally drawn to him, he just had to take him home, and “train” the shy, wary, virgin neko.

Hideyuki Umezu as Diamante. Let Me Hold Your Hand by 452 reviews Little Naruto has but one goal when his class goes to Church, and you can bet it doesn’t have a thing to do with Religion.

Hujan, Rain, Ame by Hibari A. I can’t stop touching him and he won’t stop touching me. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, so weird is good. Who else than the ones she loves and care for? But there’s more to high school romance than just sitting at different lunch tables.


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Sayoko Kawaguchi as Old woman ep He should have known that he’d be bought eventually but this Madman Panel – Complete Report Oct 2, March 10—16 Mar 23, Endure and Survive by Episoe reviews When Grimmjow is on his way home from overtime at work, he never expects to pick up a ceritw, half-naked, orange haired man off the side of the street.

The Click – June 10th – June 16th Jun 10, This is the conclusion. The Click – November 4th – November 10th Nov 4, Alejandro Saab as Pavlik. Ichigo x Rukia AU. Japanese Box Office, January Jan 16, The Click – September 1 – 7 Sep 1,

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