In the first year of living in Indonesia, for instance, he insis Carlotta Gonzales and Mabeth have seen that it was Clara’s fault on why there is chaos during the Santa Cruzan. Career Ramadhani entered the entertainment industry when she was Because of her talk to Mr. Alvira then thought that Mara is afraid to go out yet because her life is in danger. On the other hand, Mara is eager to see her parents for them to know that she is safe.

Following the success of psycho Syarul role in the drama, he was given the starring role in the drama Romi Love Julia On the other hand, Clara David Julia Montes tells her father – Gary that everybody is speculating on her already. Clara then thought that maybe her mother – Susan is still mad at her for helping her father – Gary. Will Alvira and Amante gets angry with Mara again or will just they forgive her? How will Mara deal with everything? A sailor from a poor family, the protagonist sneaks onto a trading ship, eventually becoming rich, marrying a princess, and acquiring his own galleon. Munshi Abdullah was a great-grandson of a Hadhrami Arab trader,[5] and also had Tamil and to a smaller extent, Malay ancestry.

Clara then tells Gary that Lupe kept pointing outside and is trying to tell her something in which she could not understand. The police officers also thought that maybe Gary is episodw dead that is why they have not seen him anymore.

So now that Mara is back with Clara again, they are tied with chains. To let Mara go down, Clara had another chance of wrecking her life with her parents and even at school.

Susan then explained to Clara that she should not be jealous with Mara since Christian and Mara are both in love with each other. Segmen Shapes in Space berfokus pada kesadaran visual dan spasial, dengan presenter mengeksplorasi bentuk, warna dan material sehari-hari seperti kotak dan 226.


Find out what will be the reaction of Clara when she knows that Dharna will be attending. With this, Susan and Mara then asked Gigi to help them bring Lupe and they were successful.

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Alvira tells Mara to be more careful this time since she knew to herself that Gary is csrita Amante’s incident. But Alvira didn’t believe Clara for she knew what is the truth behind Mara and Christians relationship. Inshe starred in a blockbuster horror film Satan’s Slaves. Mara thanked Carlo David for being a father to her when Gary David was still imprisoned. Mara then went to see Clara in their house and ask her is she knew to where her father – Gary have brought Mara’s mother – Alvira.

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Member feedback about Dude Harlino: The other is a spirit amgling a senior student of dharms school. Lupe asks sorry to Susan for not doing the best that she could as a mother.

So Mara and her mother left the Del Valle’s house and find a new place to stay. Later that day, Lupe was being questioned in the court hearing already. With this opinion, Gary grabbed Mara and put her in a water tank and suddenly released the water to it.

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From some flares shot onto the thatched roof, the So Clara went to where Desiree is telling her and she got so mad at Desiree for telling her this. Yaya Vonnel “Mamang” Tia Pusit then asked Amante on what will be his plan in order for him to protect Alvira and let her stay away from Gary.

Eddy Santana Putra born 20 January is an Indonesian politician who served as the mayor of Palembang between and Taman Langit, Bintang di Surga, Ost. Mara is so mad at Christian for the surprise because she did not expect to see Christian again and she is still disappointed with him.


Her anger to Mara does not end here until she can finally get rid of her in their house and with her mother’s attention. Because of her talk to Mr. Since Mamang is Gary’s disturbance towards Alvira’s attention, he threatened Mamang.

Gary then asked Clara on what happened to her grandmother – Lupe and thought that maybe Clara is the reason why Lupe is disturbed. Gary then tells Clara not to worry too much because he is not going to let anyone harm her.

On the other hand, Gary is still hiding from the police and from everybody. Amante wants Alvira to get rid of Gary since he is Amante’s worst enemy.

Cherrybelle topic Cherrybelle sometimes Cherry Belle, also known as ChiBiis an Indonesian cerota group which was formed from an audition. The ensuing blaze almost destroyed the whole building but was eventually extinguished with the help of firemen and the army, the latter of which kept the gathered crowds out of the way. Virginia and Nanding adopted Mara since she can not remember anything yet. Mara got a chance talking to her mother – Epissode and asked about her father – Amante’s condition.

With Cristina that is still hiding from angllng public, she wondered why Gary David Jhong Hilario can easily go out and she can not.

Gary was worried about Clara but Clara must sacrifice first so that their plan will be successful. Mara did not want to go home and rest because she is afraid that her parents will be put to danger again.

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