April 8 Dinner and meetlnfr, S p. Rus- sell wis named tho game’s most outstanding player. Far top i iiifinwMiw and Shave. The Prog-resshes propose a three-point system for the Innate to achieve maximum responsiliiifty. Contaet Jim Parhar or pbose tl Deadline on these ap- plicatldns is 6 p. He is on the resolutions committee for the Mock Political convention. Stassen proposed yesterday that the United States and Russia both create test -areas covering 20, to 30, square miles — roughly tbe size of West Virginia — In which military experts from the two nations could.

Flowers were planted in the eeilter. Ha raaaoaa tbto way: In addition to football. Ranld advancement for dem- onatrated capahlHties. For the first time in history TV; viewers might get to see Gordon Jump. The show win hflgln with Ihe tradi- tional grand entry at 7 p. Placement bureau, A 12, 7 p.

Construction began January 9.

The assembly, will be divided IntiKthree parte, the first conalst- Jng of Easter music by the choir. She is one of a few of today’s singers that have a style of their own, and hers is a style that exceeds mpst. Besides being captain of the team. It took many hours and many more dollars to get the four actives out of jail. Luckies give you better taste every time.

Story on Page 3. Phi Kappa, Mike Esterl. Avail- able every day.

SO, and 11 a. I Uke to see something I understand. AUtof; wilh various flowers, the trees will lend their hues of green and bright blossomi. The persona contacted represented a wide variety of cate- gories.


Of a book she once raad. Alpha Lattice, head of clothing and textlleH, iB president of th9 Kansas asfiodution.

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Tate, fhoiieCPO t Swimmina school, N 14, 7 p. This finance committee will be eoncerned with aniUysls of the loard’s financial atatMnant. Park, Ar Cehryi Rob- ert G.

WunderltiA taiiL Invitations have been sent to parents of K-State graduates and former studentf who- lost their lives In the war. There -Is a trepd toward the larger bags with the eveeption of the sport clutch bag which is always in style.

Because Viceroys have twice as many filters as the other two leading filter brands! So foUow through– join the swing to Luckies. A men’s dorm decided to alleviate the situation Of score b of da tele sm girls who went home on weekends. If he keeps building his delegate total, be presumably will be pi Ing up some strength in statra wbleh not hold Presidential primaries.

Hgiit stcregatlott in Manhattan.

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cehray Supper and program, 5 p. Gene Meier, a sophomore fnl! Alden Kiider, and Roy C, Langford. Hui-O-Hawail, SU7 p. One student came At 2 a.

Estes Kefauver of Tennessee trailed Mr. Pat’s dance and the NCAA basketball tournament. Outbransen pianos, musloal lastra- msnts and suppllss. WMtlnrhotwe and Thnr nrtydHctn.

KSCF party, rec center, 7 p. An AgglevUla barber snbatantlatea thtt view.

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The waitress didn’t blink an eyelash. Antenna Oasign Rdated to missile gnidanco. April 8 yiiljper, 5 p. These customs and many others that are obeerved today, however, have been handed down psnter an- cient heatiien cehryi pagan festivals. Both Rogers and A. Tat, tar aoam raaaoa beyond our undarataading, it was thrown oat bacauae the eoaunlttee aald thera were fictitious namee on the petition.


Alvin Mfildier, VM Ji. Keep money; I need the Miiera In it. Female, exnerl- tnttil ill tduuiain work. But, after Easter vjicntion.

LoulavtUe netted 31 of 40 freethrow trys and Dayton hit only 16 of Twu hundred eip;hty-eiKht famllleg are living Id College housliig while 8 2 more itave their own trailer houses parked on rented College lotR, EdwurdH siiid. Tex introduced the proposals to the group and Gilmartin intimated that Tex was trying to win tbe Big Seven next year by fair means or foul.

Saturday in Ahearn field house. Almost 1, competftoia were entered In fhe two-day nieet, kteked oft with prellmlnarlee in 21 events thtn morning and after- noon, and 15 cbampionsbip events tonight, Itt the nMt’a flrat night show.

APfU U ‘ Vespers,- i p.

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