When the climbing groups started upward at 3: They push on while he descends with Confortola and McDonnell. If he were able to see, he would notice that the weather has worsened overnight and that snow is swirling and creating a white-out. For climbers and adventurers seeking the ultimate challenge for body and mind, there is nothing to match reaching the 8,m 28,ft summit of K2. Among those willing to risk everything this summer were six separate expeditions: Pemba is due to fly to Nepal and will then travel to China to participate in a corporate expedition. In fact, Mine refused to talk to me at first, before consenting to spend hours describing Hugues.

The men had climbed up around midnight without food or oxygen, and found Go Mi-Young stranded somewhere in the Bottleneck, unsure of which route she had to take. The death toll had now risen to He does not even know in what direction he is heading. Rolf Bae Lars Nessa Situated at 7,m the Dutchman knows he is safe. Van Rooijen shouts to the one who is able to speak, saying he is unable to help, that he can barely see. After K2 he was planning to go to Kanchenjunga, another terrifying peak in the Himalayas — Patricia glanced over uneasily when he talked about his plans to spend more months away from home and his family.

Confortola says he was able to radio Tsering Bhote and “Big” Pasang Bhote, who were on their way up to rescue the men.

Shortly before the summit bid, the year-old had written on a blog: From the village of Hungung. The next day she got to the base of the mountain — helped, she was convinced, by Rolf’s voice whispering to her. When he speaks, he does so very matter-of-factly. Archived from the original on July 7, What he does not know is that they have been destroyed by the avalanche that killed Rae and the others.


Cecilie was the first to arrive at K2 in Siren of the Himalayas After more than just a couple of days without additional oxygen, the body begins to die. I don’t know if I could tell my mum that I am going back.

Learn more More Like This. In a later photo, the figure seems to have disappeared, and there is a trail leading down the seracs. Nick Rice, the young American, is among those to receive them. Several people later indicated Baig may have been suffering from high altitude sickness, since he had displayed questionable behaviour in abseiling down the Bottleneck.

You are living for your passion.

There is a discussion as to whether to try to recover Mandic’s body. After investigating them, he suggests these were McDonnell’s l2. Mountain climber who summited K2 talks about his experience”. Situated at 7,m the Dutchman knows he is safe.

K2 tragedy: ‘We had no body, no funeral, no farewell ‘ | Life and style | The Guardian

Following a group of climbers attempting to climb K2 inon the year anniversary of its landmark expedition. By the end of July, the teams were in advanced base camp waiting for the all-important break in the weather. There were no summits in andduring cscilie season the renowned skier Fredrik Ericsson fell to his death in the Bottleneck. They celebrate briefly and start their descent.

They push on while he descends with Confortola and McDonnell. List of climbers who died released”. But since K2 was one of Rolf’s dreams we have also said that he was at the right place at the ekog time. After Van Rooijen called his colleagues, experts in the US were able to help locate his position from the location of his satellite phone.

Confortola, having spent at least m2 hours with the entangled men, was exhausted and chose to continue down. When Rolf arrived later he brought her a present — a colourful plastic inflatable sofa for their tent, where they socialised with other teams by the warmth of a gas heater, watching DVDs on Rolf’s laptop.


2008 K2 disaster

It is the mountain of mountains, the climbers’ summit. Missing summit pics and no world records – turning the tables on Fredrik Strang”. Somewhere at the top of the couloir, Van Rooijen, Confortola and McDonnell decide they cecilir go no further in the darkness. Bae, a highly experienced climber and Arctic explorer presses on.

As he makes his way towards advanced base camp at 6,m, Confortola makes a number of radio calls to his colleagues. Viesturs, Ed; Roberts, David Confortola claims McDonnell, after working with Confortola for at least 1. He is a gentle, polite man cwcilie bonded most strongly on the mountain with the Pakistani high-altitude porters. The story of the deadliest day on the world’s most dangerous mountain, when 11 climbers mysteriously perished on K2.

The New York Times. Padoan, Amanda; Zuckerman, Peter Confortola and McDonnell reached the Korean group later in the fillm and worked for several hours trying to free them.

K2 tragedy: ‘We had no body, no funeral, no farewell …’

But even at fil point, it is clear that the experience will only deter them from climbing for a while. He has already seen two other climbers fall to their deaths and he knows that all around him others are battling for their lives, struggling to get off the slope.

List of climbers who passed away released”. He tells Karim to go ahead.

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