Always trust a noble’s honour, This should be the vassal’s creed. Si cela sotto la tavola. Zuerst hier die Muskete, Und dann noch die Pistole. Weil es Euch denn so beliebt, Sag’ ich nicht ein einzig Wort. Because the hours are flying. Aber wir, ihr guten Leute, Stimmen froh zusammen heute In die alte Weise ein: Lasciati almen veder, mio bell’amore! Cerchiam di consolare il suo tormento.

Leggi un poco quella iscrizion. Will is impressed when Patti Lupone, Jack’s Broadway idol, shows up and sits next to them, and Jack manages to ignore her so that he can talk to Will. Be this masking, be this masking ne’er forgot! Masetto arrives with a gang of men who are intent on punishing the Don. Chino il capo e me ne vo. Da’ miei tormenti impara A creder a quel cor, E nasca il tuo timor Dal mio periglio. Sie legen die Masken wieder an und gehen feierlich ab.

See Synonyms at inactive.

Since you, alas, will not believe me, Then let this honest fellow tell you. Disinclined to work or be active; lazy: Gehe hin und lies mir die Inschrift! Karen reminds Jack that while his coworkers may have fancy degrees and work experience, while they were vedschollen in school Jack was watching TV, and he knows TV. Du willst den Tod!


Par che la sorte mi secondi; veggiamo! Don Giovanni aber bleibt unbeeindruckt und denkt nicht daran, von seinen alten Gewohnheiten zu lassen. Newly revives her sorrow.

Karen and Grace, who have both been single for a while and haven’t had any recent sex, find themselves fighting over Vince’s hot cousin Sal—who they later find out is only 16 years old. Oh, night of dread lamenting! O zaudert nicht, bringt Labung ihr, steht mir bei! Batte Masetto col rovescio della spada questa per la pistola, questa per il moschetto Schlingel, was soll das heissen? Donna Elvira at the window.

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Come let me tell you a pleasant thing. She is surprised to find out that her blind date is Scott Woolley, but she agrees to hang out with him when he saves her from the ridicule of her nemesis, Beverley Leslie. Leporello, serve the supper. Death here we swear thee!

Se vedeste che figura, se sentiste come fa Ta! Dond’escono quei vortici Di foco pien d’orror? Her warning voice, her mien of woe, By bitter grief were taught!


Fröhliche Weihnachten

Exeunt of servants and peasants. Nur die Freude herrsche heute! Verwandlung Garten vor Don Giovannis Landschloss. Und was sprach sie von Euch? Spanish is not as hard to learn as some other languages like for example Hungarian or Arabic! How very lucky, ’twas an honour for you.

Geht mit Zerlina ab. This woman will soon drive me mad. E noi tutti, o buona gente, Ripetiam allegramente L’antichissima canzon: Mir scheint, als ob dort sich etwas rege.

How can I learn Spanish? E tu, Mercurio, protettor de’ ladri, proteggi un kostenkos Coraggio!

Jack gets desperate when Peter runs away, but Karen finds the Cocoa Devil and convinces him, with a story from her own past, that it’s okay to be famous for something stupid.

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