That was not good enough for Brashear, so he gave the okay to amputate. United States Department of the Navy. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. He was about to be sent to the morgue when one doctor found a faint pulse. This was the pivotal moment that would make him an American military hero and give him world fame as he regained his Navy diving privileges as an amputee. Notes were left on his bunk, threatening to drown him. Retrieved February 18, from Encyclopedia. In Brashear enlisted in the Navy.

By law the Navy’s doors were open to African Americans, but in reality Jim Crow was firmly entrenched in the service. Brashear was born on January 19, , in Tonieville, Kentucky , the sixth of eight children to sharecroppers McDonald and Gonzella Brashear. We need to cut off another inch and a half. Archived from the original on August 5, Navy Master Diver , rising to the position in having an amputated left leg. Navy Occupation Service Medal. In Brashear enlisted in the Navy.

I didn’t go to sick bay. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. One exam involved climbing a ladder with a set of weights strapped to his back equivalent to the weight of two scuba tanks. Brashear was assigned to escort the presidential yacht the Barbara Anne to Rhode Island. My father would endure his massive wound, numerous blood transfusions, ship transfer in rough seas and a helicopter trip just to get him stabilized for a trip home to Virginia.

A doctor arrived and Brashear made it to the Air Force base in Torrejon, but he was unconscious, with a heartbeat so faint he was mistaken for dead. July 27, Jocelyn Y. Rising to the top of his goal as a Master Diver in the Navy in was the icing on the cake. While attending diving school in Bayonne, New JerseyBrashear faced hostility and racism.


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Being the son of a poor share-cropping family in rural Kentucky, his socio-economic class was an extra detriment to his success. After several attempts, Brashear was finally allowed into diving school in Bayonne, N.

He was a seventeen year-old with an equivalent of an eighth-grade education at best. Brashear was honored with the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service in October for 42 years of combined military and federal civilian service.

Every day, Brashear said the kids would complain about him swimming them mercilessly. Archived from the original on January 13, Essentially, they prepared and served meals.

Carl Brashear

Unfazed, Brashear just kept going. After enduring threats from white shipmates and efforts by Navy officers to sabotage his final exam in diving school, Carl Maxie Brashear emerged as the Navy’s first African American deep-sea diver.

His oral history interview, conducted by Paul Stillwell, mxxie found at www. So it is with retired Navy diver Carl Brashear.

Pictured left is a modern day U. He was called back csrl the board and sent to spend a week at deep-sea diving school to see if he really was fit for duty. With the accident happening at 5 a.

Carl Brashear, 75; Navy’s First Black Deep-Sea Diver Inspired Film

He stayed on active duty for 12 more years, and in Carl became the first black US Navy master diver. Image courtesy of the U.

He refused to appear at a hearing where he would be evaluated and found unfit for duty. One of the aircraft stored nuclear weapons onboard and one of the weapons was lost at sea. Brashear began shoving sailors out of the way before a pipe came loose, flew across the deck and smashed his leg below the knee.


It was there at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital where he decided to get the leg amputated below the knee and continue his career. These and many other honors recognize the remarkable achievement of a man who proved to the world that with a grain of faith, mountains brashsar be moved!!! Navy Good Conduct Medal 8 awards. Korean War Service Medal.

What type of tests did Carl Brashear have to pass in order to remain an active U. Then I’d get up the next morning and run. Such an injury guaranteed retirement, but Brashear still wanted to dive. Retrieved May 5, He then served as a civilian hrashear for the government at Naval Station NorfolkNorfolk, Virginiaand retired in with the grade of GS Brashear then worked for the government in various positions, including as an engineering technician and as an environmental protection specialist.

Carl Brashear had to pass a variety of strenuous physical examinations. The boat broke loose and the mooring line became disengaged, threatening the immediate safety of everyone in the area.

Archived from the original on August 5, Eventually a portion of his left leg was amputated. Carl Brashear joined the military inonly a few years after President Truman ruled that the military would not deter anyone from joining based on race.

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