The doctor tells to her family that she needs dialysis every single day until the kidney transplant is performed. Mete falls in love with his music teacher Inci, who helped him many times, she encourages him to play guitar. Berrin hides Ahmet but the police find him and arrest him. Despite trying to keep away from political fights and discussions, Osman joins a socialist group. Ali lets Cemile and children live in the unfinished house in Zeytinli, while setting obstacles for Cemile for finding a job. Caroline’s old partner, a thief named Ekber, appears in Turkey and together they set up fraud to strip Ali’s bank account. Ahmet’s mother gets accidentally shot by the bullet which was supposed to kill Ahmet by the assassin hired by Ekram, father of Hakan.

Ekram orders to have Ahmet assassinated which happens successfully. From time to time he performs with his friends in a well-known casino. After a while, he returns from London and spends time hanging out with Aylin and his brother, who is now husband of Aylin. There she sets her terms: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kenan accidentally shoots at a pipe and Ali knocks him out.

Selma and Cemile become friends, Selma’s mental condition becomes normal after spending time with little Osman.

Everybody is happy, and suddenly Ali appears and shoots Hikmet dead.

Mai mult decat o fresca a societatii acelor vremuri, serialul abordeaza un subiect ce transcende timpul prin dezbaterea relatiilor familiale, cu care spectatorii vor putea empatiza. Retrieved from r https: Soner, her husband’s brother.

Hakan picks the gun and Ahmet starts looking for the revenge, tradqrea that Hakan killed his mother. Finally, Bahar babysitter of Deniz becomes donor for Zehra, enraging Caroline.

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The key of the season is the main event, the “Military Coup” that changed the destiny of Turkey. Nu credeai ca Mary, concurenta de la “Puterea Dragostei”, poate fi atat de sexy! There, the family friendship with “The Fisherman” blossoms. When Ali goes on one of his many trips, he begins an affair with a Dutch woman named Caroline and that leads to the disintegration of the Akarsu family.


Cemile suffers silently until the symptoms of pregnancy appear. People of Ekram start the hunting. Then Caroline gets tested to see, if she could donate for Zehra and the result is positive.

Though he appears to be happy at first glance, Mete soon admits to himself that he’s been fooling himself and lying to his heart all the time. Ekram takes Zehra to his house and decides to keep her there until she recovers despite the disapproval of her mother. Cemile doesn’t want to marry the Fisherman because she learns the story of his life.

Osman gets abused by Caroline, and almost drowns in the sea while Ali was procrastinating. Ali demands the younger son, Osman, to live with him and Caroline, in order to drop the charges against Mete and set him free. Unfortunately, Mete keeps suffering from the loss of Inci, until he meets another girl, Nihal, which slightly reduces his pain over his first lover’s death.

Tradarea, un nou serial, la Kanal D din 4 august

From time to time he performs with his friends in a well-known casino. She gets seriously ill with cancer, and dies with Mete on canao side. Aylin dies at childbirth, leaving Soner in grief along with their daughter. Although his fame increases daily, Mete cannot forget his deceased first lover: Kanal D Seriale Tradarea.


Tradarea – Kanal D

Mete Akarsu, meanwhile, becomes famous thanks to his guitar playing, songwriting, and singing. A couple of years have passed from last season. They produce an album which becomes successful. By using this site, you agree tradarda the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He falls in love with Cemile and asks her to marry him. Yet, instead of finally letting go of her, Mete starts to date a girl who closely resembles his first love.

Cana gets crazily jealous and promises to kill him if he doesn’t back off. This is underlined by him still carrying around a photograph portraying him and the beautiful Prof. However, getting out of jail means almost nothing to him, considering his new lifestyle, poor and miserable, partly due to him raping Cemile, his ex-wife, and arguing and fighting with his children and also being robbed and tricked by Caroline. Ali begs Cemile to keep the baby.

Caroline moves in with Ali. Intr-o zi, Ali se cajal din lunga sa calatorie; toti membrii familiei se bucura de intoarcerea stapanului casei, fara sa banuiasca faptul ca viata lor se va schimba intr-un mod nedorit. Fortunately, Ali’s acquaintance “The Fisherman” sees the child in the water and rescues Osman. Cemile and children get evicted from their house and are without money. Caroline is also pregnant and announces that to Ali.

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