Standard mode is the default mode when you first log on. Detailed web analytics are available to allow service providers to gain greater visibility on web traffic and usage patterns, which can be valuable information for marketing or for determining future content and advertising partnerships. Disabling force bypass returns proxy services to normal operation. Blue Coat CacheFlow Appliance. This significantly reduces infrastructure costs by controlling bandwidth consumption while improving customer satisfaction. Keyrings created with this attribute are not displayed in the show configuration output and cannot be part of a profile.

The enforce-signed option enforces installation of only signed archives. Syntax config t Where conf refers to configure and t refers to terminal. The TTL value for a negative cache entry can be overwritten by this command. Endpoint Security Protect your users and critical assets with multilayered security. One-time passwords are passwords that become invalid as soon as they are used. Privileged Mode Commands test This command is used to test subsystems. Not required for TFTP.

Syntax config front-panel This changes the mode to: Manage and Report on Web Traffic CacheFlow provides intuitive, webbased management console and command-line tools for administering the appliance, monitoring its performance, and reporting in real-time on bandwidth savings. Privileged Mode Configure Commands config health Synopsis Use these commands to configure health monitoring options or overall status.

Syntax reveal-advanced [subcommands] Cachefloe reveal-advanced all Reveals all advanced commands.

Cacheclow, CA http: For larger deployments and scalability to hundreds of gigabits, multiple CacheFlow devices can be deployed in cache farms. A test http get command to a particular origin server or URL, for example, can verify Layer 3 connectivity and also verify upper layer functionality. The CachePulse database has not changed.

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Syntax send-diagnostics There are no subcommands. And with the patent-pending CachePulse technology, customers can be confident the CacheFlow solution will sustain high bandwidth savings and user experience gains over the long haul.

A password is always required.

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Up to m 10,ft. Blue Coat may make changes to this document, or to the products described herein, at any time without notice. Syntax config proxy-services This changes the mode to: There is an optional noprompt command if needed. Inicio de ventana Agregar a lista.

Software warranty is ninety 90 days from shipment. The client maintains 55000 average response seriew from the server; the retry interval is initially twice the average. The default interval is seconds. In addition, Blue Coat has partnered with Cachef,ow on a CacheFlow specific application to address more advanced log analysis and reporting requirements. Command Description Page access-log Configure access log page 98 appliance-name Set appliance name page archive-configuration Save system configuration page attack-detection Configure Attack Detection and Prevention Measures page banner Define a login banner page cache-group View CacheGroup configuration settings page cachepulse Configure CachePulse cacehflow clock Manage the system clock page content-filter Configure content filter page CacheFlow Appliance Series — Command Line Interface Reference 95 Section 4: Syntax acquire-utc The acquire-utc command has no parameters or subcommands.

Syntax load exceptions Downloads new exceptions.

Log uploading is disabled Logs upload as gzip file Wait 60 seconds between server connection attempts Log encryption disabled Log signing disabled Syntax config management-services edit telnet-console This changes the mode to: Plus, the appliance includes built-in features to proactively mitigate issues and expedite resolution, such as proactive monitoring and analysis of heartbeats and automatic uploads of system information to Blue Coat support.

A dynamic entry without a client address means the client address is ccheflow wildcard address. Commands available in privileged mode are: Syntax config get-archive-password password There are no subcommands. Specify none to display no passwords. Common naming schemes may indicate the physical location of the appliance for example, CF-RD03 might indicate Rack 2, device 3.


Syntax config cachepulse [subcommands] Subcommands config auto-update Configure a periodic check for CachePulse updates. Thus as disks are reinitialized in serkes, a point is reached where no disk can be chosen as the cachefllw.

Synopsis Allows you to configure and manage local realms.

CacheFlow Appliance Software

Privileged Mode Configure Commands Format name: Commands available in privileged configure mode are: CacheFlow provides intuitive, webbased management console and command-line tools for administering the appliance, monitoring its performance, and reporting in real-time on bandwidth savings.

Unknown, Last Successful Boot: Normally, the CacheFlow would not know which load balancer to return the packet to. Cloud Security Safeguard users, information, and workloads across public and private clouds.

This is a global setting and cannot be configured individually for specific clients. Drop Client connection unblock time: You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Not since boot Category: Blue Coat CacheFlow Series config clock?

CacheFlow Appliance Software

Up to date Name: Privileged Mode Commands ping Synopsis Use this command to verify that a particular IP address exists and can accept requests.

CachePulse tracks the ever-changing web, so as new sites emerge or popular sites change how they deliver content, new caching rules and instruction updates are automatically delivered from the CachePulse cloud to the CacheFlow appliance. Use config show timezones to display a list of supported timezones.

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