I assume he was born at Ideal as he was born in the same town. Sharon Reid Monday, April 07 14 I have a feeling my grandmother gave birth here. I hope the power of social media through “shares” Brian J. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: This forces the Canadian Government to search birth and adoption files that are closed to you seeking identifying information to verify your Indian ancestry called First Nation in Canada.

I have always had a place in my heart for the children of the Ideal Maternity Home. Rosemary Neufeld Tuesday, January 31 17 I know I survived IMH. Hence the visit to the site and a some new books on kindle to find out more about the stories of the Individuals involved. Have had no success in finding any of my birth family – but maybe someday. Bill said there are 9 siblings. Thanks so much for your time.

I wish all the best to you all and hope that everyone manages to find what they are looking for. Thanks so much for your time. I hope that many more find each other, and find peace. Rebecca Woodside Saturday, April 26 14 However we should not forget those of us who did not survive.

We are so happy the website has been revived after Bob’s death. As an adoptee from the Church Adoption Society, I can only imagine the despair of some of the children.

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Roger Sowerby Wednesday, August 29 18 She said she was born at the home. At least I know he had a great family life bktterbox is okay Many thanks to the people keeping this site going I am continuing to do inline and maybe can help other people who want to know their families If I can help someone else then that would be wonderful.


I have witnessed the moment when a man finds his older brother after 61 years. Looking for Birth parents of Robert Jerome Rand, lived there with birth mother until age of 6 when she disappeared, A aunt visited for a few years but then never came back.

I know I survived IMH. God Bless you and may others who survived be reunited with their biological family. Pleased to see the site is up and running again.

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Thank you so much!!! Will be looking forward to find and read the book. Trying to bqbies more info but no record of her being at the I MH. Miss my friend, Bob Hartlen, so much. I plan to seek out the books, as I prefer to know the entire stories.

I was able to identify him as Thomas Glenwood Tomkins from St. After a long time searching I was lucky enough to be given information about my birth mother and was able to contact her.

My husband and I are looking for his biological grandparents. Joe was then placed for adoption and remained at the Ideal Maternity Home for 16 months until adopted. I assume he was born at Ideal as he was born in the same town. Miss sue Taylor Sunday, March 27 16 Great to see it up and running again. After osme emails back and forth she had decided this was likely not possible because her mother never mentioned a twin.

It’s painful just to think of how the mothers and babies were treated there. His adopted mother Viola told me the story of how she went to Nova Scotia and adopted a baby boy.


I am just learning about this.

Karen Robertson Tuesday, January 30 18 I wish those who are still searching for birth family will find peace. In the Searching section it has me looking for my birth father. Rosemary Neufeld Tuesday, January 31 17 Susan Medeiros Monday, July 24 17 They are online and the most popular are 23andMe.

Robert Ogrudek Wednesday, August 01 12 Robert is spparently still alive and living in California. The feeling when you meet your mother or brother or sister for the first time as an adult can not put into words. I was adopted although not a butterbox baby. I had no idea that it’s a true story. I saw Butterbox Babies today. I came acrost this site and am truly touched, onllne by the story and by your dedication to honor all babies who were born at Perfect Maternity.

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It was gratifying to read about the reunions. Good luck to you all. Found my birth mother through Ancestry DNA.

Jennifer Ganser Saturday, May 06 17 There was never any paper trail, records or even a birth certificate. Very interested and surprised to find my aunt Mabel Janet Irving had had at least one, possibly 3 or more children in this Maternity Home!

And the worst is empty arms of your child. This is not of my choosing.

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