Soil erosion due to deforestation, improper terracing, and overgrazing is also a serious problem. Of these, only two retained political significance in the years following independence: Senate members were elected by the electoral college on 29 July , and a joint legislative session elected Pierre Nkurunziza as president on 19 August in a vote of to 9. Though there are no official restrictions upon expression or the press, the regime owns the only daily newspaper and two of the major radio stations, and information is said to be slanted toward pro-government opinions. As of the elections in late , there were 30 registered political parties without representation in either house of parliament. Assassination of democratically elected President Melchoir Ndadaye leads to civil war. Most of the country is savanna grassland. The total labor force in was put at 2.

Following the assassination of the president of Burundi in , widespread violence involving tribal groups uprooted many of the country’s people. Other hotels are available at much lower cost, but are not normally used by Americans. The group supports issues of social welfare , peace, reconciliation, human rights, and general educational as well as evangelical activities. The herds retard economic development by cutting down the amount of land available for food growing, and they destroy pastureland by overgrazing. Burundi is also an importer of electricity which is drawn from hydroelectric plants in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Of an estimated 8.

The group supports issues of social welfarepeace, reconciliation, human rights, and general educational as well as evangelical activities. Editions of TimeNewsweekand The Economistor Sunday editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post can be ordered by mail, but these subscriptions often are three to four weeks in arriving.

Inwith the outbreak of the civil war in Rwanda,Burundi refugees who were there returned home. Livestock sales are discouraged by burubdi tradition that encourages the maintenance of large herds. The African Development Bank, European Unionand Belgium are Burundi’s principal providers of development financial and technical support.

A multiparty system was introduced after Additional seats are reserved for all former presidents. It became a member of the Burundo on 23 July At the end ofTanzania was harboringrefugees from Burundi, burudni Rwanda another 25, However, American children at nursery, elementary, and secondary levels are successfully pursuing their studies in French at the French School of Bujumbura, which is a member of the French overseas school system, and partially supported by the Government of France.

Servants generally are male, and speak French. The Mugere hydroelectric dam, constructed by the Chinese, was opened in and supplies part of the electrical power consumed in Bujumbura.


Coffee and tea are the main export crops. Africa South of the Sahara Two suburbs where clashes had occurred were practically deserted.

Jean-Baptiste Bagaza, who had received university-level military training in Belgium. Burundi’s poor human rights record remains unchanged, with failure to control excesses by security forces, including reprisals against civilians following rebel attacks.

Bakeries in town produce a variety of European-type breads and some pastries. At the end of there were aboutrefugees in Burundi. A vehicle with a driver may be rented, but rates are high. The import of refined petroleum products represented around 15 percent of Burundi’s total imports, and took between percent of all national foreign exchange earnings. Personal contact generally plays a much greater role here. Following independence, the World Health Organization WHO assisted in the organization of public health services and the training of sanitarians and public health nurses for Burundi.

As the region becomes more densely populated, some species are dwindling or buruhdi. However, the influx of refugees from Rwanda and increased armament of Hutu and Tutsi groups fueled sporadic violence prompting the government to impose a curfew in Bujumbura in December.


The umudo established a number of new courts, including a constitutional court to review all new laws for conformity to the constitution. The death toll attributable to ethnic strife and political problems continued to mount during the first half of Although Kirundi and French are the official languages in Burundi, many of these foreign groups use Swahili for commerce.


Donors have promised to support the country’s political transition to democracy with financial aid. Due to conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups, and among different Tutsi groups, the country experienced mass emigration of refugees.

The country is landlocked, and there are no railroads. The primary export crop is coffee, chiefly of the arabica variety.

After the breakup of the economic union in DecemberBurundi’s banking operations were transacted through the Bank of the Kingdom of Burundi, which in became the Bank of the Republic of Burundi, the central bank and bank of issue.

On 21 Julythe UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that there were at least 85, Hutu refugees from Burundi, of whom an estimated 40, were in Tanzania, mivies, in Zaire, and 10, in Rwanda.

Burundi is bounded on the n by Rwandaon the e and s by Tanzaniaand on the w by the Democratic Republic of the Congo DROCwith a total boundary length of km mi.


Short-sleeved shirts are acceptable at work, but a coat and tie are preferred for special business visits. Vegetables should be washed and all household staff members who handle food should receive periodic physical examinations. The country’s industries include food processing, the manufacture of basic consumer goods such as blankets and footwear, assembly of imported components, and public works construction.

However, after only a few months President Ndadaye was assassinated by the Tutsi-dominated military. A government hospital is located here along with several churches and mosques. There was no unemployment data available.

In alone, an estimatedhad died in ethnic violence between Hutu and Tutsi. There are also a savings banka postal savings bankand a joint Libyan-Burundian financial institution.

Several buruhdi members and high party officials were defeated. A valid operator’s license is the only requirement for obtaining a permit to drive in Burundi. With a population density of approximately people per square mile, Burundi is one of the most densely inhabited countries in Africa.

In earlymany of these refugees returned home. In Septemberhe was overthrown in a bloodless military coup while he attended a conference in Canada. Government resettlement projects have been considering plans to build mud and cement brick dwellings with roofs of corrugated iron sheets or ceramic tile.

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This led to a series of large-scale massacres of both Hutu and Tutsi by various militias and the army. Civil war has caused homelessness through displacement of residents and destruction of homes.

Travelers can reach the game parks in Tanzania by car, but distances are great, and roads may be impassable. Special educational opportunities are limited, or nonexistent, depending on the availability of qualified instructors which varies from year to year.

Two of the three largest affiliates of foreign transnational companies TNCs in Burundi in originated from Belgium and are engaged in financial sector activities. Men also wear safari suits, made to order in Bujumbura or in Nairobi. Burundi has no proper campsites, but camping opportunities are extensive in neighboring Tanzaniaas well as in Kenya. The agricultural sector provided 46 percent of GDP inand 93 percent of the labor force was employed in agricultural production.

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