It sure does get cold on the UP though, and windy. Nicer, though, is a properly designed radiant flooring system. As it is, I’m building in a rural area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and options are more limited. When I finished my basement 30 years ago, I installed the same cast iron baseboard that was in the house on the main floor Weil-McLain Snug Baseboard. Would I be insane to request it? Jan 14, Location: I’m in zone 5A, in a 2×4 framed s house.

Almost no sound propagation through the walls, either, but noise may not be an issue where you live. But European style low-temp thin profile steel flat panel convecting radiators are real radiation too, cheaper, and at least as comfortable as cast iron baseboard rads. Now, rather than a section of radiators on the wall Is hot water heat coupled with cast iron baseboard really better or is it just my imagination? Retired Systems engineer for defense industry. But, I’m struggling to get even 1. It seems to me that stretching out a cast iron baseboard along the outside wall gets you more radiation at every point in the room plus there’s the small amount of convection directly under the windows unlike a steel slab radiator which is more like the old large cast iron radiators that are off to a side. Super efficient low temp system.

Pain to clean the fins. It can also be done in the walls bxseboard ceilings if that might work out better. My sister took a class at the community college where they introduced that Well, I’ll keep you all posted with what I finally end up with.

Cast iron baseboard for new construction??

The finned stuff tends to not work all that well unless the temperature is higher so you get convective heating verses the radiant you get from the CI or radiant floor. It’s good to know I’m not crazy at least with this.


No, create an account now. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I look forward to hearing more about your new system as you get started and congrats on building a new home. Almost any panel rad baseboarrd have been overkill. Sep 2, Occupation: Replacing Cast Iron Burnham. When the house is still in the design phase you have a lot of control over the room loads, and between better windows and better than code wall-R you can bring the BTU per square foot of radiant floor into the comfortable zone fairly readily.

The basic lesson is go for radiation as opposed to convection, and there are a few ways of doing that. I’ll have to look into it’s additional depth.

For guesstimating how much c. I replaced 18′ of fin-tube with 19′ of CI BB in a “problem” zone in my house. When I finished my basement 30 years ago, I installed baseboafd same cast iron baseboard that was in the house on the main floor Weil-McLain Snug Baseboard. If you go for it, take time vetting the designer and installer.

Burnham Baseray Cast Iron Baseboard Radiator – 6′ Wide

IT takes more labor to wind pex into place, but materials wise, it’s probably cheaper. Share This Page Tweet. An average of 3-days for the temperature swings to affect the insides, so unless it was a protracted cold spell, the thermal mass kept things comfortable.

Thank you everyone for your responses.

Perhaps I’ll start out by requesting in-floor. In our upstairs bathroom for example, we literally only have 4′ of wall for a radiator because of the bathtub and vanity. I really don’t want to compromise with this especially in a colder climate. If I were to build a new house, I’d also install it there. I have radiant in most areas, and like it.


DewPoint cwst, Dec 14, A panel rad may be overkill-have you run the actual load calculations burnuam that bathroom? CI costs more to buy, but it is nice. If there were sufficient wall area for a heated towel rack I might have gone that route, or put it in series with the iron baseboard, but the sloping roof makes for very minimal amount of area.

Sorry to the OP for kind of hijacking this thread. FWIW- The mod-con boiler works great with cast iron rads Would I be insane to request it?

Baseboard Radiators – Burnham Baseray Cast Iron Baseboard Radiator – 6′ Wide

The steel radiators are another option, but I’d have to get used to the look. I like it so much in my current home, I’d hate to lose it when I move. Do you already have an account? Doing it as an afterthought or retrofit is more lron and more expensive. CI has a much higher thermal mass, so it heats up and cools off slower, overshoot can be an issue if the thermostat isn’t smart enough as it will continue to radiate heat after the pump is shut off much longer than aluminum fin stuff.

Dries out the air more than cast iron baseboard?? Essentially, a monolithic wall and potentially roof with a SIP so no infiltration, high insulation factor, and with ICF, a huge thermal mass to help moderate temperature swings. DanaDec 14, Your name or email address:

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