You have a good mind obviously Its specifications are 1, gph V. Wet Dry SW Filtr. Episode 88, The Protein Skimmer, pt 6. This is me setting up my 46 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium. Is having the pump in the sump a good choice and what pump would you recommend?

The sump is not directly underneath the tank, but off to the right, crating a 6 foot return to one overflow and a 2 foot return to the other. I have built some custom overflow drains from the “hoffer gurgle” design with 1. Cheers, James Well done James. Episode 86, The Algae Filter, pt 9. As you can probably tell I’m very new to the hobby. Episode 42, Making Gallons of Saltwater, part 3. Danner Mag drive 7 supreme Daniel For what it is worth this is par for most pumps.

So my question is, what type of pump should we be purchasing for the returns?

Episode 88, The Protein Skimmer, pt 3. As you can probably tell I’m very new to the hobby.

I put a ball valve on the return side of the pump to try and line it up with the overflows. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

A few links to the flow curves to these particular pumps below. Allows for wave pulse timings of between 2 and 60 seconds, enabling the creation of slow alternating flow throughout the tank. If it’s not putting out a full GPH though, I don’t want to use it for that. Aquarium Co-Op 3 years ago. Newest addition is flshguys 25 inch long odyssea So, For the past week I have been building this stand.


Bow Front Aquarium 90 Gallon

And my terrible sinuses being turds, trying to prevent me from talking like a normal person. Do you’ll suggest anything else I should or could do to continue to have optimal skimmer performance.


I have cleaned it many times and tried to place it fihguys to avoid vibrations but nothing seems to work. Mini Bow Front lid daryl warren 4 years ago. Episode 91, Rose Garden Anemone Tank, pt7.

After a lot of research of WWM plumbing FAQ’s, I had decided to use both of these holes for drains and limit my flow to between and GPH and make up for the rest of what I need through power heads.

Do look at the Reeflo line, the Dart or Snapper for your application. Episode 37, Wild Caught Jellyfish, part 3. What happens if one of these siphons stops, gets clogged?

Bow front aquarium canopy

Here is the setup: Question for you-how many gph are you trying to be putting through this system? I have a DIY video here you you all on how to make these aquarium Lids External Water Pump Impressions: The Eheim line sounds like great pumps but I don’t think they are large enough.



I want to make sure I am heading down the right path. It’s got to be a Episode pt 2, This Little Light of Mine I had a large amount of algae and water deposits that were making my tank Episode 89, Building a Reef Tank, pt 4. With this set up I filled a 5 gallon bucket in about 40 seconds. My gal aquarium a couple of months ago. It has four screws that hold the face on that would be exposed to the water. And again, this amount of water cannot be conveyed safely through these two one inch inside diameter lines Is it a quality, quiet pump?

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