I have no interest in it whatsoever. Can you stay unconcerned? Ruo Xi finds out and explains to 13th Prince that the marriage decree must have been a reward from Emperor Kangxi to 14th Prince for winning his conquest. The princes and court officials present urge the Emperor to reconsider his decision. Ming Hui gets closer and closer to Ruo Xi.. Skip to primary content.

He tells 8th that he received news that their Emperor Father had summoned 2nd and saw him alone. The next day, as the Emperor looks out onto the garden, the head eunuch informs the Emperor that Ruo Xi has prepared some tea refreshments for him. Yin Zheng rushes onto stage either in mock concern or real concern. After Ruo Xi bows and leaves, 4th Prince just breaks down and cannot control his sobs. She is sure 14th Prince will not force himself on her, and their marriage will be in name only. When Imperial Father died, you were there.

Ruo Xi talks to 13th after he leaves the court. Ruo Xi snorts and asks how could the Emperor be so foolish and believe that black magic could influence a person. I friggen love your screencaps. I would like to believe the first way— just to symbolize his undying love. The hapless heir experiences fear for the first time. This time Ruo Xi excuses herself quickly and tries to walk bubujintxin him to head back to camp.


Join other subscribers Enter Email Address Here. It was not Ming Hui that caused the death of their baby, it was Ruo Xi herself. Learn how your comment data is bubuiingxin. Footsteps walk towards Ruo Xi and sits down next to her. Wang Xi hastily runs up to greet the Crown Prince. This may be more plausible as the story is based on the internet novel written by Tonghua and a sequel was never written by the latter whose superb writing contributed to the success of the show.

Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: Ruo Xi Leaves the Forbidden Palace

Without their help, Siyu would not be able to find them. Ruo Xi leaves him standing there with tears in his eyes. She thanks the head eunuch and says that her only desire is to pass her days without incident. She looks disturbed when she considers the possibility that 8th might have forgotten about her. Again, different perspectives in different time periods…. I am his subject. Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes. Ruo Xi walks with the Empress, who counsels Ruo Xi to please back down a bit so she can spend her life with 4th Prince, especially considering what they went through to be together.

[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 9 | A Virtual Voyage

He will prescribe some sedatives and asks the Emperor to rest well, saying that he will recover. More meaningful lives, could be. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Before Ruo Xi recqp run back to her room, 4th Prince asks to speak with her privately.


Ruo Xi asks if 9th Prince revealed everything? Hong Shi runs for his life. Because of me, you suffered for 10 years, ending up with such ill health.

BBJX is so stunning! Si Han tells her to leave. You just end up hurting people around you. Why she would suffer alongside 8th Prince when 4th Prince punished 8th Prince. SI Han has a plan to charge them all at once. bibujingxin

The Emperor orders them not to tidy the documents. I was too young then.

You are so very much appreciated! Ruo Xi believes the letter bubujingxxin alert 8th, but history is history. Back in her room, Ruo Xi is ridden with guilt. Li De Chuan looks perplexed but as the Emperor walks away, the eunuch beckons to Ruo Xi to help him retrieve the petitions.

Ruo Xi makes her decision.

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