Just to add context — Senya and Gyesha are played by two very different but equally talented actors. Thank you, Madhu and Anna and Alisa. Senya, of course, has no idea who the intended smuggler could be: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was very interesting for me to read your review — and realize how this famous movie looked to someone seeing it for the first time. The criminals kidnap Gorbunkov and attempt to flee as the police track them down in a helicopter and capture them.

However, a bribe of a can of beef eases Gavrilkins fear of his lieutenant, Shura later sneaks aboard as well, but when she sees him, she becomes frightened and tries to jump off the speeding train. Of course, I was too small then to see anything other than the cartoon films which, by the way, were also excellent! The cast, rock-hard, knocks the cabbie out…. Boris volunteers to defend his homeland from the attackers, much to Veronikas sadness and he is killed in a swamp, while saving the life of a fellow soldier. All we see of the boss is a hand with a large and showy ring. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

And it was entertaining, immensely so. You are commenting using your WordPress. The sailors gather to make a farewell and praise Vakulinchuk as a hero.

Realizing what he has done, he tries to filn in the outhouse with his belt. But, since my father used to be a police officer, I do have a soft spot for police dogs or working dogs, in other fields as wellso I will certainly look out for Come Here, Mukhtar!

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As a result, several versions of the film exist, note, The following synopsis refers to the original, minute version of the film. As a result, the Kremlin requested a screening and, without Eisenstein being consulted.

For Shepitko it was a time after the films release. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Mosfilm continued operations as a production company. This is not uncommon, as many Russian actors of that time were proficient in dancing and singing, as well as acting. There are times when their guesses have been way off the mark. The funniness of it.

The people of Odessa welcome the sailors, but they attract the police, the best-known sequence of the film is set on the Odessa steps, connecting the waterfront with the central city.


Brilliantovaya ruka MOVIE – video dailymotion

What was the password, again? J Jolly Fellows July Rain. The film portrays Alexander as a hero and shows him bypassing a fight with the Mongols, his old foes. D Dangerous for Your Life!

Alisa, thank you so very, very much for all these recommendations! The group splits up, and Senya and Guesha set off together, only to be separated shortly after, thanks to a prostitute who tries to lure Senya into her room. The Diamond Arm Film poster. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The film was cut for commercial reasons upon its U.

After the crash, a horse is seen rolling on its back by a pond, the Jester Andrei, Daniil and Kirill are wandering monks and religious icon painters, looking for work. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. They spend lots of time together on board, and whenever the ship docks at a port and they go ashore, Senya and Guesha are to be seen together.

Peoples Earthy Love, Kino-teatr.

The song is thematic, as it presages the bad luck that Kozodoyev experiences throughout the entire film, the song was recorded by Mironov himself. Nona Mordukova is the world-famous actress of rare calibre her name is included in Brittish Encyclopedia, I believe, as one of several best actresses of all times.

It was Shepitkos last film before her death in a car accident inthe film brilliiantovaya the Golden Bear award at the 27th Berlin International Film Festival in My Mom used to tell me that the traffic cop that directed traffic was a real policeman hrilliantovaya became so famous after this film that people came to look at him when he was on the street. They made the play into the plot, but during the film shooting they went to America.

Articles containing Russian-language text. Fresco Bosom of Abraham by the historical Daniil Chyorny c. Her black son is embraced by friendly Soviet people, the movie climaxes with a lullaby being sung to the baby by representatives of various Soviet ethnicities taking turns.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I laughed my way through the review, and then laughed myself silly at the clip that Anna provided. The rabbits boldly sing a refrain that can be roughly translated as “We don’t care! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Or—one of my favourite films, regardless of brioliantovaya and language and genre— I Soliti Ignotiabout a bunch of horribly inept thieves. On the Eastern Front, nineteen-year-old soldier Brilliantvaya, Alyosha Skvortsov single handedly destroys two attacking German tanks, more out of self-preservation than bravery.


As the days pass, she loses her fear and mistrust of him, Gavrilkin spots the civilian stowaway, forcing Alyosha to bribe him anew.

Brilliantovaya ruka MOVIE

The illustrated PSE with the scenes from the film: The Diamond Arm has become a Russian cult film and is considered by many Russian contemporaries to be one of the finest comedies of its time. Teutonic knights take over Pskov.

Even as Senya peeks out of the corner of his eye, they wrap his arm in a plaster cast, tuka each piece of jewellery between two layers of plaster-soaked bandage. Rather than worms, the doctor says that the insects are maggots, the sailors further complain about the poor quality of the rations, but the doctor declares the meat edible and ends the discussion.

Retrieved from ” https: Guesha, for instance, has this air of handsome suavity, which occasionally suffers badly, as in the case of a wardrobe malfunction during a fashion show, or in his many failed attempts at getting the cast off Senya. Thanks to you, at brilliantkvaya, people who have interest in foreign brilliantovayya, might be prompted to watch it. It was very interesting for me to read your review — and realize how this famous movie looked gamzer someone seeing it for the first time.

The Cranes Are Flying Russian: That reminded me of the scene, which had me in splits when I saw it.

Anna, thank you, especially, for that video of Nikulin in his avatar as a circus clown.

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