The Pulsonic is built to have 10, micro vibrations per minute that will capture hair with each stroke of the unit. The second factor is comfort. The Clean and Renew system requires the use of cleaning cartridges. You can either wash it under the tap or use the cleaning unit for an easy and quick clean. This will prevent future skin infections and irritation. This is really just a matter of preference, some like the rotary-style while others prefer the foil-head shaver. They really need to tone down the bright blue light on the cleaning station.

For those who are looking for a shaver that is comfortable, easy-to-use, easy to maintain and is guranateed to leave a smooth face. Hey Sam, Take a look at the official Braun site: His passion for helping people flows through in the expert reviews he provides. Learn how your comment data is processed. The three personalization modes vary from sensitive to normal, to intensive. All Series 7 models can be used with water, foam, gel or even under the shower. It will then be charged up and ready for the next shave.

This will prevent future skin infections and irritation.

The cleaning solution contains a natural lubricant, which will keep the mechanics of your shaver in its best running order. Comfort and ease of use is what you can expect electrif Braun 7.

The Braun Electricc 7 — cc has an ergonomic design which results in a smooth grip. SD Alcohol 40 B. This Braun series cc is a great choice over blades. Since all Series 7 shavers are apparently waterproof, why can you not wet shave with the cc but are able to with the cc?

The hygiene meter merely encourages you to use the cleaning base frequently.

Why Most Men Choose Braun Series 7 790cc – Inclusive Review

Sean Riddolls October 6, genew 4: The cleaning fluid cartridges in the base are supposed to be replaced every 30 days. Then, Braun came along with their series of innovative shavers that changed the concept of electric shaving for ever. You can expect a remarkably close shave from this electric shaver. Nick Davis is a lead Product tester at ShaverGuru.


How does the series 7 shaver compare with the series 5 with shaving on the neck. The LCD display on this shaver is the most advanced when compared to the other shavers in the Braun shaver line. This allows it to pivot and flex independently from the shaver body. Normally both dry and wet shaves are available with other high-end electric shavers from Panasonic, Philips and Remington. First it uses OptiFoil, an advanced foil shaver design to cut hair deeper to give the closeness we all desire.

What makes this Pulsonic shaver exceptional is the additional cleaning, conditioning, and charging unit.

Braun Series 7- cc Pulsonic Shaver System Review | Best Electric Shaver Reviews Feb.

Cutter parts should be replaced every 18 months, to guarantee the optimum use of your Braun electric shaver. The two Optifoils are going to be the ones that deliver that final finishing touch to your shaving.

Clean and Renew cartridges should be changed once every two or three months, or when the unit notifies you that it needs to be done. The Braun Pulsonic foil shaver is designed to work with sideways movements to the skin which differentiates it from rotary-style shavers which work with circular movements. The Braun Pulsonic 7 — cc is a bit pricier than your average shaver, but it does include the cleaning and charging unit, nad can really make a difference in your every day life.

Press up on these and your pop-up trimmer electtic be exposed. This renders the hygiene meter somewhat useless. Take a look at the Braun Series 7 shaver head below and notice the two OptiFoils at either side of the sbaver trimmer.


It has served me well, and while it has been one of my best shavers to date, I have two basic complaints:.

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System Review

Braun is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to electric shavers. I consider myself swries of a gadget geek and have several electric shavers.

The Pulsonic is built to have 10, micro vibrations per minute that will capture hair with each stroke of the unit. This shaver delivers a thorough shave, decreasing the likelihood that the shaver will need to be repeatedly moved over the same location of skin again and again.

Additional features on the Braun cc include a precision long hair trimmer to trim mustache, sideburns, and beard more accurately. If you read any Braun series 7 cc review from other real users click here they are all pleased with the performance and quality of the shaver.

Finally, Braun 7 Series can handle problem areas like the neck and the jaw line very efficiently. The older cleaning station was a lot better. Many consider them a total waste of money!

I recently encountered an issue with my Braun cc when it failed and developed an electrical smell. They really need to tone down the bright blue light on the cleaning station.

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