The humor often revolved around Dexter and Dee Dee’s fights, but also delved into absurd situations, regularly leaving things completely bizarre at the end of an episode e. Ryan and Johnny are big fans of Cowboy Bebop, and have stated that they have persuaded Ted to start chewing through it. Yeah, that happened, but you can’t complain with making the Top We have yet to see either of the games on the channel, although, knowing how long it takes for the gang to record certain things, they could still be recorded. This long-lived cat and mouse team or anti-team, as the case might be began life courtesy of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for MGM in a series of theatrical shorts back in But for its final three seasons it morphed into Justice League Unlimited and expanded its basic roster of seven to cycle in a multitude of DC heroes, with the main players still getting their fair share of screen time too.

But there was a time when the shows MTV offered were actually pretty clever and interesting, and Liquid Television was among the best of the bunch. Take for example the entire episode that rested solely on the establishing shot of Sealab, “Fusebox. C , Aug 10, But that was the real comedy of the series: From Bugs and Daffy arguing over whether it was duck season or rabbit season, to Elmer Fudd declaring “Kill the wabbit! You still owe me that penny, Sonic, so the bet is mute.

Todd McFarlane himself introduced each episode in a live-action segment, in the style of Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Serling. But perhaps the best part of the Super Friends cartoon was that it introduced the world to the Wonder Twins, which in turn has given us the never-ending joke about “form of a bucket of water” and “shape of a gopher”!

Aug 2, Messages: Aug 27, As with all of the series that spun-off from Batman: How many of the shows on this list can boast an Emmy nomination, let alone five nominations?

The Animated Series inthis cartoon version of the Man of Steel is certainly one of the finest and definitely the most complete version of the character ever put onto film. I don’t know why they found it amusing that I kept chasing the quarters they were rolling along the floor.

And who did they get to do the voice for Garfield in the movies in order to echo the old Lorenzo Music dry tone?

It was pure fun. The full list of commentators can be found at the Character Page. Voiced by the inimitable Mel Blanc and later Ben Hardaway and Lantz’s wife Grace Staffordthe bird is perhaps best remembered for his unmistakable laugh, which was even incorporated into his theme song eventually.


So this TV Tropes shit is ruining my life. Katz, Professional Therapist and Brendon Small who would go on to create MetalocalypseHome Movies tells the brainscragchcomms of a precocious eight-year-old boy named Brendon voiced by Small who likes to create home films with his friends.

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Purportedly telling the story of the original Warner Brothers — Yakko and Wakko — and the Warner sister, Dot, Animaniacs episodes were made up of three mini-episodes, each featuring different characters.

First, no FLCL that show is clearly the best anime ever conceived not whatever that other crap was. I cannot handle it. Are some of you people high, including these guys at IGN? While other animated series based on comic books had adapted specific stories before, the X-Men series gets a lot of credit for making a much qnimated overreaching attempt to translate some of the most iconic and popular comic stories of all time and letting them play out over multiple episodes.

Brainscratchcommw fact, DangerMouse continues to have a fan following in sseries U.

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Co-created by Loren Bouchard Dr. HazelburrSep 27, But what really set it apart was the namesake of the show — the super-powered masks the characters wore. I will, however, use this icon.

But one of the more notable aspects of the show seriees the fact that it showed a single dad taking care of his only son while fighting the forces of evil.

You said the good games were this way! Of course, I have nostalgia liek whoa so I may be biased. Because no other anime series has been able to capture our attention with an intelligent adult sci-fi story that borrows heavily from religion, psychology and philosophy, while somehow meshing it with the angst-ridden teenage characters which have become a staple of the genre.

So put away your ink and paint for a while and have a look at this list.

A stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet. Like a little psycho-drama with your superhero escapades? Johnny retells the story of when he was playing Super Mario Land on the subway train, finished it before the destination, and self-agreed to record it for a commentary using a Super Game Boy. Jak and Daxter has since been redone, but Sands of Timeas of Septemberhas not.


And hey, Jay Sherman even got a guest spot on The Simpsons. Now a major comedy presence, Family Guy has gone from tangentially making reference to other programs in their “manatee gags” to now being lampooned and referenced itself.

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Parodying properties like Batman, Spider-Man, Power Rangers and many more, the rogues gallery for the girls was always worth a laugh as they poked fun at the superhero genre. There is way too much to get into here regarding brainscratchxomms entire saga of Robotech and the movies and such, but just know that it was one of the first pieces of anime to come over to America with a ton of its violence and sex left seriez. Lewis’ computers keep dying on him, resulting in his absence in several commentaries, much to many fans’ disappointment.

Episodes alternate between sharp satirical looks at society to pop culture parodies to scatological humor, sometimes all within the same half-hour. But the world of animation did offer the Star Trek writers the chance to portray things they could never do on a live-action budget at the time — from three-armed crew seriez to new and exciting alien worlds. And isn’t that what life is all about in the end?

Come on, Squall, you can do it, just thirty more Death spells until you’re immune to Level 5 Death forever! The supporting voice cast was great, but it was Harry Goz as Murphy who brought a touch of fatherly good humor and made us all fall in love with a madman.

brainscratchdomms Following the loveable Baloo and the rest of the Higher for Hire crew of Rebecca and Molly Cunningham, Wildcat and Kit Seres, TaleSpin had a cast of characters who all served their role in making this one of the more creative and fun cartoons in Disney’s arsenal.

It was an admirable dream, and one that we could all relate to. Cartoon Network If you were to ask the anime fanatics here at IGN what our favorite anime series of all time would be, we would answer Neon Genesis Evangelion.

There’s no law and order.

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