The most probable explanation is given in Appendix D to this chapter. Twins in Ashanti, if both of the same sex, belong, as of right, to the chief, and become, if girls, his potential wives, if boys, elephant-tail switchers at the court. A metal bowl with inscription in Arabic Again the basis of this net, which is a much larger affair, is the simple mat, but in this case a whole number of these are sewn together to form one very large complete oblong-shaped net. It may be mentioned that in Lieut. Many such words, originally employed in a wholly wrong sense, have become, by long use, almost classical.

These avoidances or taboos are called in Ashanti, Akyiwadie. The material from which data can be obtained for this branch of anthropological study is disappearing so rapidly in Ashanti that it will be lost entirely within the next few years. I propose now to describe, in some detail, four separate Adae customs, even at the risk of repeating in an account of one what may have already been recorded in describing another. The old expert, the custodian of the past lore of his race, whose head is full of wisdom undreamed of in the seventh standard board-school philosophy of the interpreter, is never going to open that storehouse at the bidding of a stranger and foreigner, with whom he has to converse through such a medium. The ntoro exogamous divisions are purely fictitious, and various other signs over the abtistia symbols have been used to illustrate these. C Generation ii of ascendants. The Golden Stool was dug up and conveyed by seven old men to the hut of one Yao Kyira, alias Wereko the chief of Aboabogya. They returned in the dead of night.

The Bush buck nwansane 3.

Here the people of lesser importance entered the water and bathed, while for those of more importance water was drawn in brass pans and taken up on the banks. While the old drummer was drumming out the piece movei which the above extract is taken, messengers were coming in from without bidding the chief to hasten as every one was waiting for him. Unlacing the pocket Fig 19 The catch: Her name is not ghanakan known, but she is spoken of as Aberewa, i. Be careful not to stumble. I have never heard in the past of use being skwan in the Basel Mission schools of any of the great truths which will be found common to the West African and Christian religion.


To take certain ceremonies at birth and at death: The available evidence suggests its formation as due to subsidence. About to sacrifice a white fowl upon the Abroclvvum stone Fig. It will be seen that it is a particular bonszm in the forty-two day cycle still kept up among the Ashanti Brong of the far north of Ashanti.

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Whenever the chief travels abroad, except to war, she nust accompany him, and when the chief sits in court her place is beside akwab. The Ashanti word for clan is abusiia, ganaian this word is synonymous with mogya blood.

No menstruating woman must go upon the lake. If a stool be inherited the heirs are the same to 7 ; these issue being extinct, a male of the same clan not necessarily kindred must be brought in from elsewhere, as neither a slave nor a woman may occupy a male stool.

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As a result of somewhat informal talks on these lines, I have had from Chiefs, from the Queen Mothers, and from elders, both old men and old women, more assistance than I ever hoped to obtain, and every possible opportunity to conduct these investigations, and guidance and help when kovie path was obscure and full of difficulty.

These, I venture to think, are of special interest and value, as they depict scenes never before witnessed by a European, and ghanaiwn only a select few among the Ashanti them- selves. It will be remembered that it was near Abrodwum that Akorobompi first passed down to the lake shore, and it was mmovie the path he is supposed to have followed, where it now enters the lake, that part of the ceremony about to be described was to take place.

Its general appearance suggests a volcanic origin, viz. The King may not go home until I have visited him, even should I delay for a long time.

This I believe to be the true explanation of this curious custom. This was done by the stool-carriers, and no words were spoken. I think about my friends who have left me and are asleep, Amoafo — Awuku — the cock — the old bird whose bones have grown strong.


This gave ft. They are agyapadie or heirlooms. What was left was handed round and all sipped a little. For our present purpose this chapter will therefore be divided into, and treated under, the following headings: To discover to what ntoro a person belongs, he is asked. The rule governing them being this: Greeting the spirits of ancestors at an Adae While this sacrifice was going on some men had been dispatched to clear a track from the main road to the edge of the lake which was move to follow the exact route taken by Akorobompi when he first discovered the lake.

These are logs with sides roughly hewn, as indicated in Figs. The spirit of the lake had accepted the offering.

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I saw some spread out in the villages as much as 30 ft.

This was to prevent the sasa revengeful spirit of his victim from returning to wreak ven- geance on his executioner or upon the king who had ordered the execution. In the present chapter it is proposed to present the results of some investigations into this interesting subject. This ceremony, which is called afodie i. This we will suppose, for the sake of the argument, is the blood it is wished to pre- serve.

A little rum was added to the contents of the bottle.

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