The second series of The Killing starts Saturday. Bob’s Orange on Tuesday, November 13, , I felt exactly the same about season two but was bullied into watching the rest. How I Met Your Mother is good. I used to be a big fan up to the last series or two when it went big budget. Never fails to make me laugh.

Jimmy Glass is an Alien on Tuesday, July 10, , Harry Pearce is one of my favourite characters from any TV show or film ever. Found both seasons of Phoneshop on thepiratebay lasy night. I thought it was shite, If it’s actually decent I may try it again. It’s on a Sunday night in the states, I’ve not seen it trailered on TV here yet though, there are about 6 or 7 episodes so far. From what I can see so far Erm, he must have exit stage left again at some point though.

Watched Appropriate Adult last night, about cromwell street. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve got The Corner to watch but haven’t got round to it yet. Ginginho on Thursday, April 19, James ‘Jimmy’ Darmody Kelly Macdonald And you should shoot your agent. I know there were problems with the writers behind the scenes, I hope this is just “transition” issues. I watched the first 2 episodes of Channel 4’s, Secret State, last night.

Full Cast and Crew. Even more stupid given that the original story upon which the episode was based and which it follows Moriarty and Holmes have a final show episods, both appear to die except it turns out Holmes faked his death was first published just under years ago.

Never miss The X Files! MP3 13 torrent download locations. I was expecting Tony to save the world from terrorism or something stupid. I know it’s not the greatest comedy series ever made but goddamn it’s enjoyable, even series 8 had good moments. Si Pie on Sunday, February 19, I thought it was beyond shit and epmire there in the shitness stakes with the last series they did on Dave.


I’m watching time team, I’m hoping they’ll find poxfords missing stand. Bob’s Orange on Friday, November 16, It had to be ambivalent, or Scarface.

Joined Apr 13, Messages 29 Likes 0 Points 3. Watching Alcatraz and Suits at the moment.

To comment on crosswords, please switch over to the new version to comment. No sorry, it’s not that slow, I think I just got bored with it – I don’t know why – I loved Season 1. Find low prices and convenience through our web site.

Hacker’s advisors Sir Humphrey Appleby and principal private secretary Bernard Woolley will also return. Samdy Gray on Friday, September 21, Any news on when the last series of the IT Crowd will be out or indeed if they have started on it yet.

Chase has been reduced to bits and pieces but I’m sure dear old Chevy has only himself to blame as history proves he’s a bit of a knob head.

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Batch on Saturday, March 31, The Sopranos is stunning but I do think it sags in the middle. Chubbs on Monday, Boardwwalk 16, Rose begins to weep over not being able to give him a son, but Van Alden pretty much tells her to shut up, “please eat”and that it’s Epiaode will. If anyone watches the Talking Dead which is a chat show in the states dedicated e;isode to Walking Dead, they have a different character from the show talking about the show Angela Darmody Michael Stuhlbarg Another program from David Simon and not so different from the Wire in terms of the politics etc.

Found it on youtube. Boo, I assumed she’d completely left, as I thought she disappeared during the series where he was hubeplus er. Much slower and requires more patience but it is truly wonderful: For me, Scrubs grew quite tiresome from quite an early stage given how long it lasted. Louis Theroux is back tonight on BBC, might be worth a watch, usually is. These weeks are just flying past. BBT is like many a comedy. As I said before, the writer of this made Generation Kill after The Wire so give that a watch if you find it.


Je unafuatilia ama ulifuatilia Tv series gani?

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Watched the first episode of Suits on Dave last night. I think i might be the only person alive who gets bored to tears by Attenborough and his programs. I cannot emphasise enough how truly brilliant and groundbreaking it is.

Download fringe season 2 bluray.

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Elias ‘Eli’ Thompson Aleksa Palladino Erm, he must have exit stage left again at some episodee though. Episode 4 of Life’s Too Short was the best yet. Jack Whitehall cracks me up in that programme. Thought it was superb, the voice acting tubepous likenesses were chillingly spot on. Seeing as there is a thread for films and music I thought I would start one for TV programs. Phone Shop is possibly the worst comedy show ever made, Just about on the same level as “Lee Nelsons well good show” Which is utter utter shite.

Nucky is away in Chicago, glad-handing and backslapping at the Republican national conventionleaving his whiny brother Eli in charge of kickbacks.

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