Tray then turned the gun at himself, but before Tray pulled the trigger Darrell tackled Tray and the gun went off. He was bullying a kid named, Darrell Mercer. Darrell humiliated Tyray in front of all his friends and now Tyray wants revenge. To have everything back to the way it was, he has to take down Darrell Mercer. This book has a bit of suspense as the ending app 4. After school he was told to meet the guy with the gun behind the gym and so he sneaks out and meets him he got pickpocket wile he was there waiting. I think the author was trying to bring a theme of think before you act. He was afraid to face his parents.

Tyray decided that he needed to come straight and so he told his parents the whole story. He was determined to get revenge but didn’t know how. Tyray lived in a big city, New York. His older brother, who he was very close to, was sent to prison for an armed robbery. Then Tyray put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. He becomes the laughing stock of the school, and thinks the only way to get back their respect is to get a gun. Again it was a very good book and I recommend it. Books by Paul Langan.

It was not only wrong lawfully, it was wrong becasue he’s selling a gun to a minor.

The Gun By Paul Langan by Tahmir Griffith on Prezi

Then the setting changes from the high school, to the street, and then to an alleyway behind a grocery store where Darrell works. Tyray decided that it would be best if he bought a gun from this guy his brother knew nam This book is about a freshman bully. Tyray is a freshman in high school. Its a very good book that didn’t make me bored of reading half way through. The Bluford Series is set in Bluford High School, the fictional school all the main characters attend.


Tyray bought a gun from the man for fifty dollars and planned on taking it to school to scare kids, so that he would feel powerful again. Finally this book grabbed my attention not only by the title, but by the topic.

I read The Gun by Paul Langan. She likes Tyray and wants to be his charafters. Each novel features a teenage protagonist facing difficult challenges in and out of school.

Tyray was taken down by Darrell Mercer and he was given a cast because Darrell broke his arm. It teaches you that if you become a bully there are consequnces yun can come your way and other outcomes that you may not like.

The book takes place in a city in California. Tyray started stealing and bullying other kids at school, making him feel powerful. Tyray was the main character of the story; he was seriea black, seventeen years old.

They never really got along much.

The characters in this story made me want to not put the book down. Other books in the series. Tyray is the school bully at Bluford High.

The Bluford Series

Darrell is a new kid that stood up to Tyray in the lunch room and made Tyray break his wrist. He is the troubled teenager who wants revenge. I thought the book was really good. One day a chwracters, Darrell, stands up to him and breaks Tyray’s wrist. I could not believe how good it was.

Where the gun is involved. It was relatively small in size and meant for younger or beginning readers. It only makes the people around you hurt more than if you would have just confronted them about the problem. Darrell humiliated Tyray in front of all h The gun by Paul Langan was bun amazing book.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Most of the story takes place at Tyrays school which is Bluford High School but after he gets into the fight and brakes his arm the go back and forth between the streets and the school. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the book, many people that he used to bully are not scared of him like they used to be so they beat him up and bully him. He goes to pull the trigger and Darrell pushes him out of the way.

He wanted to be tough like his brother.

After that happened Tyray goes back to school and is picked on by everyone and gets no respect from anyone. He had diary of all his emotions and the things he wanted to do people. It was a very attention-grabbing book that I could not stop reading once I picked it up. When Tyray bought his gun, he was in a back alley behind the fast food place in town. I also didn’t like the fact that they had to bring the girl, Lark, into the book because it still would’ve been good if she wasn’t in it.

Mar 12, Carl Koch rated it really liked it.

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