Send a private message to spcrxracer. Find More Posts by 1turboek9. Honda CRX 1. When posts like this crop up, with accusations, jest and all For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. How are we not seeing cars in race series’ like Honda Challenge where your engine must remain stock rape the rest of the field?

Just a heads up. Now the real comparo – Hytech Replica vs. Brand see all Brand. Find More Posts by Bisimoto. Last edited by SR20S13; at With a price tag aroud for a custom to spec Bisi header thats a damn good dollar per hp when messing with naturally aspirated honda stuff. Your question will be posted in:. It is always good to see scientific information for a well thorough comparison.

Private Label MFG header. This page was last updated: Jul 15, Bisumoto M2 Sport catalytic converter 30cm 2. Refine your search for bisimoto header b series. M2 Sport catalytic converter adjustable JDM 2.

Now the real comparo – Hytech Replica vs. Good test, but if bisi is going to claim that the real header was built for a different setup, why did the fake one almost copy the same seriws Send a private message to js.

Send a private message to Bisimoto.

Well, I am a designer and engineer, and really would not even try to make up numbers as many of you here try to insinuate. Test 1 – Hytech smahed replica Test 2. Show me proof that your product does what it says and Ill buy.


The REAL bisimoto header test, done by Mikeyspec of Profunction

Joined Mar 11, Messages 4, Share This Page Tweet. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I am alos not satisfied releasing a product until it provides the data that would be awesome to the masses. You must log in or register bidimoto reply here.

B series Custom Bisimoto header – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Brand see all Brand. Be the envy of your friends!! Best Match Best Match. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Mark this thread as Unsold.

Bisimoto headers??????

Quote message in reply? Last edited by SR20S13; at Find More Posts by redzcstandardhatch. We have documented from 8 to 22whp gains with Bisimoto V2 units over the aforementioned design. Where is everyone getting their RMF or replicas from? Rage headers are pretty good too.

Top end gains are nice but that midrange is so bad I can’t see how the car would even be fun to drive unless you launch and are banging gears all top end like a drag race. Find More Posts by Turbogixxer. Send a private message to deeweezyEK.

With such claims you can’t help but laugh when the facts get laid down and it isn’t close to what was claimed. Send a private message to Turbogixxer. Got mine from the states, not one of those cheap eBay ones.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Joined Apr 6, Messages 4. Joined Dec 5, Messages So here it is A few scratches on the bottom and a crack on the weld of the downpipe connector. Find More Posts by brxtacy. The design is the BEST, and that is why teams worldwide win, and break records. Originally Posted by SR20S Find More Posts by dirtyharryhatch.


For those not in the know – Bisimoto claims 22whp gains from switching out a Hytech Replica to the Bisimoto Header with no other changes. At least the header made power. Shift Knobs Gauges Others Gauges. No photoshopped signs will be accepted.

bisimoto headers | JDM EK9 Honda Civic Type R Forum

This site uses cookies. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We tested a Hytech Replica that was smashed real good from bad ground clearance, a Fake Bisimoto header from China, and a real deal Bisimoto header that was built specifically for a 1. K2e2vinOct 31, Hopefully esries fixed it. This is a problem that bsimoto be fixed with some heat but why go through the trouble?

Dont hold back Tamma! Del Sol 1.

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