Won lane hard, was out-dueling their carry by myself at points. Something like Unreal Tournament’s Assault mode? When minigolems were weak enough to take no effort, they were freefarm and healing for the blue ADC, but on purple that went to the top, who didn’t need it as much. Then a long slow feed by the rest of the team 2. Hmm, rageblade has been mentioned. Last Xin free week: Wonder if he’s going to show us his pro trist mechanics. Chaox seems to be confident on MF.

Look again, to c what you don’t c. There is individual play in this game and I think pretending there isn’t is wrong. Now that I think of it, Kennen compares favorably to Corki, because he’s also got almost-nonexistent steroids, strong base magic damage, and a strong reposition. No carry diving will work against that team, and if their carries kill your frontline faster than your carries kill their frontline, there’s little way to win the fight. Third I was unaware Corki’s ult was an auto-reset. Kinda like two actual armies charging at each other in a giant pitched battle, rather than the orderly and sort of ritualized contest of Summoner’s Rift. Worse than Vayne’s or Tristana’s, without a doubt, but it also combos into several stun options and can be held for use in starting a fight, providing a nice bit of versatility. Optic Gaming vs Liquid 4 days.

That does sound pretty cool, aye. LOL Replay is currently broken. It’s less a set build a more of a rotating list of items that make spears hurt. Is there anything Riot can do to remedy this? That 4 month stretch was pretty strictly NA only, at a time when CLG and Dignitas were both living in Korea and Curse was in that weird holding pattern where they were waiting for Westrice to turn into something other than a solo queuer. Well, good timing, as I picked up Kennen today and tried him out as an ADC tonight though in a giantitp group where we started intentionally doing stupid stuff so the other team wouldn’t all surrender and leave, results may not be accurate.

League of Legends – Season 3 Evelynn Jungle Guide ~ new game , game download full

I’m not joking when I say the heroes being garbage until you unlock better abilities is one of the main reasons I haven’t tried the game more. I think what bothers me about Dig is that they act the most professional, but get the least results. If you have AD and 1. She’s very fun in both AP and bruiser roles, masterids it’s like getting two champs for the price of one.


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Perfecting one’s strategic skills: Just played a blind pick game with Kayle, sorta goofing around. I’m at work, or I’d double check his history. I do agree that qtpie is really good, underrated, even, I’d say.

I feel like having single-target damage is more valuable in the frist place. Bschu said it was a very good boost, immediately said it was worse than two other carries, but that I felt its association with the stun and versatility when using it were what made it worthwhile. I don’t feel like anyone was trying to be mean; the question was more-or-less just “is my lack of interest due to developer laziness or personal preference,” and the answer is the latter.

During a poke-off, heal up whoever gets hit, mana up whoever is poking back and just generally follow your carry around. Movespeed quints, hybrid pen reds, armor yellows, mr blues. Items are occassionally added, but big things such as the addition of an ARAM mode in the form of murderbridge, or TT’s revamp, or the addition of Dominion are rare.

Last edited by a moderator: TechnOkami, if you’re struggling with last-hitting, my suggestion would be to pick somebody with a decent animation, but low base values, and practice with them Orianna comes to mind here in a few bot games. She both spellvamps at a higher rate and has more need of the spellvamp given her relatively low range. I might have you mistaken with someone else He’s Dapperguy on league. Season 3 was a huge example of “new things” for the vast majority of the player base, to be fair, and you’re new enough that you probably aren’t familiar with that.

And that was before ranked was introduced. Bischj of this advice applies in lane, mind you. For example, you should use Ashe’s W to get some last hits early on because it’s really hard to last hit with her at level 1 unless you’re insanely good. I’ve heard good things. I may have taken that quote out of context, but I was seasoj also to the bit where you said you were proving he doesn’t have a weak AA steroid.

Nidalee Build Guide : Nidalee – Season 3 Early Look :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

They failed to recongize elements of their lives that clouded their critical thinking. O Oddly enough, that’s actually the point. Bischu talks about it in his ap nidalee guide on lolking. You must be terrible and I don’t want you on my team.


I have no power to enforce this, obviously, but I’d hope it’s a simple request. On average that’s less mastefies an hour per character. I mean sure, it brings utility to the table but that niddalee make Kennen a high damage carry. Mundo can easily be duelled during his first clear due to aforementioned health issues although killing him might be tough Cleaver perma-slow makes it hard to chase him down.

One of them hates TT for biachu odd reason, and quit after we got into game. As I understand it, you mostly want to be itemizing for AP, magic nidlaee, spell vamp, and moderate tankiness on Cassiopeia. Also very minor crit chance, which does help a tiny bit. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. Just because I think someone is stupid doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

Labels 1v1 rewind world championship 2v2 3 minute guide 3. Then a Moakai Also pretty much the only way to play her as a support.

It’s unique bidchu each Adc as well. I finally found a Jungler that I mwsteries good at. TSM makes me really sad, and not just because they blew a perfectly good opportunity to change their name to Team Snapdragon Mid. On the other hand, I don’t think it would be impossible there are many options, after all: Dig has never, once, ever, streamed a scrim, ever, and none of their players, even trolly QTPIE ever say anything out of line or unexpected.

If true, that’s a 3rd steroid for the Corkster. After ulting, they can kite around and wait for CDs; after all, they’ve already made their contribution to the teamfight.

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You said something grossly wrong, and now you’re calling the correction “academic”, and it sounds like you’re dismissing us. Afreeca Starleague Season 7.

Agon League Season 3. You’re choosing to quote me out of context for some reason and then providing an incomplete response.

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