Things are not going to go well for me! I am not thinking. So she wants Manti What business is it of yours? What else could I do! You have not forgotten your mother likes. He has the amazing ability to blend with the image of a hero.

Looks like your trip went well.. Just when everything is going her way, her work is going well then.. He doesn’t do any official business without you, his executive assistant. Engin is number1 Turkish actor and beren number1 turkish actress. Untie the lap-dog, let her walk around, maybe she calms down a little. Haters judging a person does not define who he is Where do we store them?

And all the others. Engin was already a superduperstar when he took the role of karim as berensaat said she wont do the role of fatmagul until engin took the project with her.

Guys when people insult don’t take offense but do listen their words. Engin needs a better PR company and hire a better agent to get and sign better work.

Wnglish am sure they knew about this. Mustafa edwan are far better actor then kareem. He is not in kosem. Never mind, say hello to her. Bhuttos gave us a nuclear weapon thanks to which we still exist as a country now!

Избор на редактора

If your phone is off, I will send a text message. There are millions of fans worldwide! She didn’t answer the phone. As if I can get anything out of Mustafa!


I want Manti so badly Engin fans never badmouth or illcomment on any actor as they know how unparralled as an actor Engin AKyurek is. If they come and kill me now, I enylish even blink. If they see you one of those places, I will break your heart.

Also those who say Engin and Beren cant act are just jeakous and insecure people. What business is it of yours? Kerim is the introvert type because he didn’t have the perfect childhood ,so all story revolves around how a introvert or you can say a little coward person deals with the regret of letting his friends committing the sin.

Untie the lap-dog, let her walk around, maybe she calms down a little. D jitni mehnat tm log engin ko abuse krny main krty ho agr uski Adhi b poor kivo ko poll jitwany main kr dety tou bechara poll main itna nechay na hota loooooool: O jealous kivo fans plz get a life and dnt be sooooo insecure if u think ur star is big then our star.

P nahi wake mein mujhe engin se mohabbat ho gae hai overflowing wali someone help me kya karu?? You should put a bell on the door that you ring when you come out My heart is in pieces Choose ur words wisely. Is it something to be ashamed of?


Bir Bulut Olsam mustafa narin в

Engin has really loyal and active fans. The place you refer to as the middle of nowhere sometimes is like paradise to me. I see that you are very relaxed actually. Haters go bkr some life. I’m talking about the doctor, dude! Haters can go get a life and give the guy some space! I will call you from there. Anonymous 25 January at A price for one piece is two liras, but I give you this for free, because we’re neighbors.

We didn’t let her to get out of bed yet, it’s so cold.

So they told me. Girls, take it easy.

Are we filming a movie here? P in the whole drama he was just crying or shouting. We also brought wood. No, I don’t want anything. So proud of ENgin Akyurek. Shall I take her to the hospital?

I will pay for it for the rest of my life.

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