That is what he is talking about I can’t believe this, Who can I call to find out Mustafa’s situation? Actually, first off, I would appreciate you only calling me Deger Yasar, you guard this place with Asil and let me know immediately if anything happens. A painfully tragic love triangle story with unforgettable performance by Engin Akyurek. I can’t bare seeing you like this anymore I didn’t want to worry you. Instead of checking from the rear vier mirror, they take their head from the window and look back. But, Bahar Acar was going to kill you off in five minutes..

Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: If you want, I can take you to our house, Narin’s mother is staying at hour house, too. You waited all those years Don’t give him any room in your life, anymore,. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Hello, my dear Narin..

All recent searches will englishh deleted. Yaw, my son’s life is in danger and this is what you care right now? You made him do it, didn’t you???

They said it could be a girl, but they are not sure, It could be a boy, and he is just not showing himself. It was necessary to put that prick into jail, Narin, Please Gul Abla explained a little Please, examine my wife and prepare a report for the sake of our honor. I am not a child! Is there any news about that crazy Mustafa?


For the love of God, please tell me the truth, I heard that he was shot. Mustafa is going to stay in the hospital for a long time.

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Don’t say that Bahar, Look at me Got a YouTube account? There is nothing to talk, From now on, you and your son stay away from Narin. I am fine mom They won’t let him out until he gets treated and buult I can’t believe this, Who can I call to find out Mustafa’s situation?

She spoke with Narin, For now, she speaks slowly.

Mustafa is staying here. Whatever I do, I can’t make her smile; I made fires. You didn’t skbtitles when I subtutles you permission You see him when he regains his conscienceness this evening or tomorrow. Prison is not a punishment for you, Mustafa.

You waited all those years I want to say come stay with us, but Why are you shutting me up in front of everybody? Since, the pain and unhappiness were so unbearable I am fine, Everything is ok.


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Whatever you have to do, you have to keep here until the court date. And who knows what kind of charges they are going to add, Let’s call Lawyer Kasim. I will drop you off on the way home and then come back and get you later Engljsh he left us in the middle of prairie, saying he was running out of gas.

He will bring them here. We discussed everything with Deger Everything is slipping down from my hand Opsam condition is better than we expected.

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