I finally understand why you are always wearing shorts He starts going room-to-room and demanding that they wake up. Every time it crosses the highest point, they score. Elissa won Head of Household and Judd got to come back in the house. GM seemed a bit put off by the comment then. Not the most flattering portrayal. Here is a complete list of Zings for Season 15 for your reading pleasure!

She even plays along. Anonymous August 31, at 3: GinaMarie enjoys ZingBot as much as I do. Judd goes off to track down Aaryn and tell her that Elissa wants to talk to her. Nobody can believe that Amanda is winning anything, but that is exactly what happens. And then everything Elissa says is just fuel for the fire and Amanda starts taunting her. Or a spunkybean interview? This was meant for ET, but finders keepers, and Big Brothe

Jesse cursed out Amanda on her hig back to the Jury House, and it was pretty fpisode. Here is a complete list of Zings Aaryn says that nobody else would take her off the block, but Amanda this Aaryn should just be on the block and shut up about it.

I looked up some of the things Amanda said about Elissa. Everybody else is either laughing at her or just looking sad. So Amanda tries to make up with Elissa by going and lecturing her about how terrible GinaMarie is. In the past it was more blunt and kind of mean.

I liked that better! This goes on for a while.


Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Breakdown: Return of ZingBot – CBS Detroit

I think zingbot was right on with everyone,I love zingbot and also baby zingbot!!!!! Time to pick players for the Veto competition. This is not good zngbot.

Here is a complete list of Zings for Season 15 for your reading pleasure! Grother laughed when Zingbot said it. It was an action-packed episode.

Anonymous August 31, at 3: Everything makes Amanda suspicious. This was episods for ET, but finders keepers, and Big Brothe Amanda tries her best to rile everybody up, but it just seems weird and desperate. McCrae runs into the room to try some damage control. Or a spunkybean interview?


Thanks for the Great Recap EJ…. Out in the yard it looks like a robot birthday party.

You guys, I love that there is ZingBot continuity. August 29, at 7: After almost throwing up, he drops the ball. At least one of the robots in the yard looks like an incredibly low-budget Dalek. Dlowry August 29, at 6: GinaMarie gives Aaryn a pep talk, and then the both of them go to talk to Elissa. Anonymous August 28, at Hello and welcome back to the weekly blog about a show where a straight man and the gay brother of Ariana Grande have more chemistry than a To her credit, Elissa just lets her rant.

But I love ZingBot more than ever!

He starts going room-to-room and demanding that they wake up. Not the most flattering brothet. Amanda and Andy agree epsode GinaMarie is going on the block and they will use the zero amount of power that they have to make that happen. Paulette Gordon August 29, at 6: Just like Elissa told her to. Amanda reports her findings to Aaryn. August 29, at 3: Later, Amanda and Elissa are in the kitchen alone and Elissa asks if she can expect retaliation.


And now, the competition! How do you say that to your competitors?

Big Brother Episode 15, Season 14 – ZingBot Returns! | Spunky Bean – Part 9

I guess David is part of the Fashion Show! You should teach her a lesson by not nominating me. ZingBot says that McCrae always wears shorts because Amanda wears the pants in the relationship.

And then, and I really hope this was not spliced in from earlier in the day, Elissa is in the Diary Room staring at the camera for a long time without talking. This makes Amanda suspicious. Come on down, princess! Later, Amanda sees Elissa and GinaMarie standing near one another and goes to report to the guys that those two are definitely working together. Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae, people got mad, and Aaryn drank nail polish remover.

We open with Aaryn crying some more about being nominated.

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