So, could it be that the boy can foresee what’s happening in that relationship, but can’t accept it? But all she ever wanted was more time with me.. My Interpretation I felt this song was about domestic abuse, sounded as though he was in a troublesome relationship and was getting beat, but was willing take the beating for the sake of their relationship.. I don’t know why. General Comment Love this song: Feet cast in solid stone:

And because he is so in love with her he’s willing to take all the bad times because he thinks they are meant to be. Login with Google Error: Flag MikeSharp on January 11, General Comment Love this song: Many of Horror is found on the album Only Revolutions. Biffy Clyro — Many of Horror.

Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror Lyrics | SongMeanings

I still feel guilty to this day for not prioritising better. My Interpretation I think this is what it should be Flag koichik on November 08, Lyrics submitted by himynameisG. Many of Horror song meanings. I just heard on the radio today that this song was about his wife and their relationship and about how he’s on tour a lot and stuff. Maybe Simon is referring to willy gilligans character, meaning he bleeds with innocence innocent eyeshoping she will forgive him for his mistakes He’s in a “wishing well”, wishing he’ll get out, he can’t escape.

And because he is so in love with her he’s willing to take all the bad times because he thinks they are meant to be. Where I think he means he is stuck in this position, that he badly wants to get out of. Gilligan is his son Flag mustangmissi on December 15, He’s basically saying that everytime they argue, they always work through it, and if they didn’t, then the relationship would end “if we don’t we’ll always be apart”. Dunno whether it’s just coz I’m a scientist, but I reckon that the chorus uses a chemical reaction as a metaphor for a relationship: Flag pablo7 on December 12, She’s still there, even though he can sense her feelings slowly fading away.


Bubbles (song)

I trust you all the same. Flag bloodisthickerthanwater on October 08, Sitting in a wishing hole, Hoping it stays dry. More Biffy Clyro Lyrics. When he says “i’ll take a bruise i know your worth it”. No Replies Log in to reply. Our broken fairytale, So hard to hide I still believe It’s you and me ’til the end of time. General Comment On the itunes Track by track video simon says “the whole recored is kind off a bit about my whole relationship with my wife and family and this song opitimimises that more than any other Live at Wembley Revolutions: Flag MikeSharp on January 11, Pretty dark song, great one though.

Login with Facebook Error: Biffy Traductlon — Many of Horror.

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I think it’s about a couple who haven’t actually broken up yet, but they have quite a few problems in their relationship. The character was accused of having ‘glazed eyes’ tradcution an innocent view of the world.

Guess what our future is for Gilligan’s eyes could mean this famous magic trick where there is a note in a bottle and you can predict what is written on it. Feet cast in solid stone: Give me your best shot!


Add your thoughts 28 Comments. He knows that there are obvious flaws in the relationship “our broken fairytale, so hard to hide” but he wants everything to be okay because he’s willing to try and ignore all the bad parts. There was an error.

Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror

I still believe it’s you and me ’til the end of time. Login with Google Error: I don’t know why.

Sure glad I expirienced this at the age of 22, So I know I’ll never do the same mistake again! When we collide we come together, If we don’t we’ll always be apart I’ll take a bruise, I know you’re worth it When you hit me, hit me hard. This may or may not be his point of view, but when I hear this song I sure as hell feel like what I described!

Cause she deserved better. My Interpretation I absolutely love this song.

General Comment i think this is the best ballad so far in this album, you can almost imagine simon on the verge of tears screaming ‘when you hit me, hit me hard’ i reckon the songs about two people who have been broken up for a while but traductiom still thinks of her and loves her- ‘i’ll take a bruise, i know you’re worth it.

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