No long lines, comfy seats and not too crowded. Second time to watch a movie in this movie house. Hugs From the Heart. Yes, this is part of my backlog. It was a good first experience but I don’t think I’ll do this often though, at P per ticket, it’s too expensive. I think they should have posted somewhere that hot drinks are not allowed coz i have to finish mine before the movie starts.

We saw Kung Fu Panda 3 on 4D and it was magical! It was sooooo awesome! I used to frequent Shangri-La whenever I have to buy some necessities or when I feel like watching a movie or two. So tonight was the usual friday traffic surge till rooftop night. Click here for links to buy movie tickets online. Was my 2nd time for a 4dx. Uptown Place Mall Cinemas.

The next screening was at 10 PM! It was my first time here and I was amazed by the number of restaurants lining up the Cinema Floor Area.

We sponsored one show before and I was in charge of the whole thing, which includes running the AVP. I happen to experience it also during my first time here.

Sign Up Reset Already a member? Movie Experience in The Fort. Yes, this is part of my backlog. I dunno if it was because we were only 9 inside during the last full cinemw.


It was sooooo awesome! The ticket costs PhP some are PhP and it’s just a little too pricey compared to other cinemas.

Bonifacio High Street 4DX Cinemas: Experience a New Kind of High

No movie food available for the last full showing of Spiderman Homecoming, on its opening day. I wanted to make sure that I get my PHP worth. Power Plant Mall Cinemas.

The cinema tends to be very cold though so make sure that you bring a jacket or shawl. I watched Star Trek Beyond here with my work wife, and it was a first time for both of us to try the 4dx. And it was just 1 PM then. And it was fun trying to fudge your way through Sabotage while it’s blasting over the speakers.

Bonifacio High Street Cinemas

Not all will survive. You can recline and put the foot rest up. I used to frequent cinemas on a weekly basis but after moving to Fort Bonifacio and realizing how expensive it is to watch movies on big screen, I started to patronize online streaming. Remember to get a parking coupon after buying a movie ticket.

Cinema Schedule in BGC

The place is ok. I watched Jurassic World. PG Action, Drama, Sci-fi 2 hrs 25 min. PG Drama, Romance 2 hrs.

This movie house has a really good sound system Dolby Atmos though a little bit too loud when the trailers were being played.


PG Action, Adventure, Animation 1 hr 52 min.

Movie Schedules

Spacious interior, comfy seats, and a nice touch on the headrests. I think they should have posted somewhere that hot drinks are not allowed coz i have to finish mine before the movie starts. Seats are comfortable and if you’re with your special someone, you can snuggle by raising the armrest and turn your seats into a love seat!

The theaters are really clean with ample leg room. Below is a list of movies showing in the Fort. Unlike my 1st visit here, the smell of the new seats were gone, but it was still well maintained. There were a few shakes and gust of wind on the first 30 second mark. Ever since my office moved to Fort Bonifacio, most if not all of my weekend routines sort of moved to BGC too.

We luckily got tickets for the next screening which will start in less than half an hour.

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