Eighter cowers at the other side of the room while Goku fights the monster Buyon. Goku saves Eighter from being eaten. In the next match, Yamcha does not take his seemingly foolish opponent, Hero, seriously. It is revealed Dr. Tao surfaces again, still alive and now a cyborg. When he gets out, he finds that the dragon radar and his clothes have been stolen.

A bird then flies away with the ball in its talons. Kev and V have trouble with the twins without Svetlana. Piccolo Junior destroys the couple’s house and vows for revenge. Goku arrives at Muscle Tower and makes short work of the guards waiting outside. Even a Kamehameha Wave doesn’t affect Buyon. Goku waves the fan, but the flames persist. The fight finally ends when Major Metallitron’s batteries die. Major launches a missile at him, but he dodges it.

As the dust settles Goku is still standing. Murasaki throws a boomerang at him which hits and knocks out Goku.

Soon, however, Piccolo unleashes a flurry of attacks that leaves Goku lying in a hole as the count rises. Murasaki, then Goku, cross a piranha invested lake. Goku fights General White who is not very fit.

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In the volcano, Goku calms down an inhabiting beast. Tao surfaces again, still alive and now a cyborg. Kev and V try to find the perfect preschool for the twins. This is the Roaming Lake, and it came to help the village. After a quick meal, Goku follows the signal on the dragon radar again.


Goku and Chi Chi journey and enter the Dark World.

He takes advantage of Piccolo’s weakened state after his huge energy expenditure and knocks him into the ground with a Kamehameha. After getting what Piccolo thought was a fatal blow, Krillin surrenders; everyone realizes he still did very well. While Goku gathers snow and scares Pilaf, Chi Chi cleans up Octagon’s house, but smashes many of her dishes.

When the chief’s back is turned, General Chiu threatens Goku and Eighter to shoot conema chief. Master Roshi tells Goku and Krillin to take a break from training for now, but Krillin still decides to go live with him.

The chief suggests they go to Dr. Frank sees financial opportunity in campaigning and Fiona tries lih build on the success of her apartment building. Debbie struggles to find allies in her battle against sexual harassment.

They reveal that they are quintuplet brothers, not five parts of one person. Goku eats many meals which surprises all the maids and chefs. Amin formulates a plan after seeing Goku has toer Bansho fan. To get to him Goku searches for the power pole while meeting King Furry. Popo sends Goku to a forest in search of someone who can train his mind.


Dragon Ball – Piccolo Jr. Saga | Moveek

As Goku tries to take the crown from the top of a mountain, he is struck by lightning. Everyone is worried that Tao will defeat Tien in the first match, but Goku is certain that Tien is stronger.

Piccolo shows complete contempt for this, thinking Goku to be soft, and departs after vowing to defeat Goku. Frank faces obstacles in his new role as a campaign manager. Popo in order to obtain an audience with Kami. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at it, which is enough to destroy the dam.

Cinemaa, Hero decides to battle Yamcha with his real power, exhibiting strength that surprises everyone. The fight finally ends when Major Metallitron’s batteries die. Before he can escape, Colonel Silver destroys the flying Nimbus. Frank meets his match in a fellow ciema in the Hobo Loco competition. Emperor Pilaf gives Goku the fake four-star, but Goku drops it.

The chief is being held in a fortress called Muscle Tower. The battle ends up being more of an emotional victory than one of strength.

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