So there is difference of opinions among scholars about his time. Narsinh was opposed in his Nagar society but the opposition was not strong as much seen in other saint-poets like Meera and Kabir of that era. Vallabhdas’ Shamaldasno Vivah gives information about his clan and ancestry. While several saint-poets are not involved in household, Narsinh was involved in household even after his commitment to devotion. They have been largely preserved orally. Narsinh must have known Geet Govind , Vedant etc. He lived with his family and he did not had any followers.

The Nagars of Junagadh despised him and spared no opportunity to scorn and insult him [ citation needed ]. One poem on the event of garland even mentions Samvat as the date of event but the authenticity is not established. Narsinh Mehta , also known as Narsi Mehta or Narsi Bhagat , was a 15th-century poet- saint of Gujarat , India , notable as a bhakta , an exponent of Vaishnava poetry. Later work Narsain Mehtanu Akhyan mentions it as Gopeshwar. Narsinh must have known Geet Govind , Vedant etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This custom, known as Mameru, was simply out of the reach of materialistically poor Narsinh who had hardly anything except intransient faith in his Lord.

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Narsinh Mehta in Gujarati. This episode successful series was produced by Nandubhai Shah and directed by Mulraj Rajda. It works seem influenced by Marathi poets like Namdev. Mehta, as the popular account goes, at Krishna’s command, decided to sing His praises and the nectarous experience of the rasa in this mortal world.

The oldest manuscript dated Samvat has seven poems pada which nasraiyo mentions Mandalika. No education or profession other than religious devotion is mentioned in his poetry. A Legacy of Bhakti in Songs and Stories. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The exact location of the non-reverend Shivalinga worshiped by Narsinh is not mentioned in old as well as new traditions. One pedigree even mentions Narsinh as an uncle of Parvatdas though Parvatdas is commonly mentioned as an uncle of Narsinh.


Vaishnav jan tohis popular composition.

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Several pedigrees are recorded later but they differ from each other. The following family tree is mentioned in it: Mehta wrote many bhajans and Aartis for lord Bhqkt, and they are published in many books. Darshana Dholakiya nadsaiyo studied the development of biography of Narsinh Mehta. She was an ill-tempered woman, always taunting and insulting Narsinh Mehta for his devotion Bhakti. Vallabhdas’ Shamaldas no Vivah has years of Narsinh arranged so it seems that he had tried to establish his biography.

Narsinh Mehtaalso known as Narsi Mehta or Narsi Bhagatwas a 15th-century poet- saint of GujaratIndianotable as a bhaktaan exponent of Vaishnava poetry.


She has divided the development in three stages; biography from his poetry which is autobiographical in nature, biography emerging from poetry of poets born between Krishnadas and Premanandbiography written narwaiyo poets after Premanand. He is especially revered in Gujarati literaturewhere he is acclaimed as its Adi Kavi Sanskrit for “first among poets”. A poem on the event of garland is independently found in the autobiographical poems said to be composed by Narsinh.

How Krishna helped his beloved devotee is a legend depicted in ‘Mameru Na Pada’.

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Shamaldas No Vivahpurportedly composed by Narsinh himself, mentions the place as Gopinath. Narsinh must have known Geet GovindVedant etc. The specific problem is: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. After this divine experience, the transformed Mehta returned to his village, touched his sister-in-law’s feet as reverence, and thanked her for insulting him for had she not made him upset, the above episode would not have occurred.

He also mentions the Vaishnava surname among Nagars. The oldest available manuscript of his work is dated aroundand was found by the noted scholar Keshavram Kashiram Shastri from Gujarat Vidhya Sabha. It also seems that he must have fallen into a somewhat ill repute amongst the Nagars following incidents like accepting invitation to sing glories of Lord Krishna in association of devotees belonging to lower social strata.


He lost his parents when he was five years old. One day, when Narasinh Mehta had enough of these taunts and insults, he left the house and went to a nearby forest in search of some peace, where he fasted and meditated for seven days by a secluded Shiva lingam until Shiva appeared before him in person.

They are full of intense lyricism, based upon pastimes of conjugal love between the Supreme Lord and His most intimate devotees – the Gopis and are not without allegorical dimensions. MangrolSaurashtraGujarat Sultanate.

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat So authenticity of these pedigrees are questionable. The episode in which none other than Shamalsha Seth cleared a bond written by poverty-stricken beloved, is famous not only in Gujarat but in other parts of India as well. One poem on the event of garland even mentions Samvat as the date of event but the authenticity is not established. He is known for his literary forms called “pada verse “, ” Akhyana ” and ” Prabhatiya ” morning devotional songs.

The compositions are collected under the category of shringar compositions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Italicize other titles in Gujarati language Please help improve this article marsaiyo you can. He will forever be remembered for his poetic works and devotion to Lord Krishna. It must have been near Junagadh because mention of forest.

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