Zakhmo Ka Hisaab Mrs. Islamic State is diversifying their action across the globe. The defeat of Irom Sharmila in Manipur raises many a questions. The nationalized banks show twin face towards the Corporate and the common man while dealing with the loans they took. Add Your Comment Commenting is not available in this channel entry. Your feedback was successfully sent. Notes banned; what next?

Akam Puram discusses the apprehensions and hopes generated by the situation. After a break, voices against vaccinations are once again being heard. Who cares for endosulphan victims? Digital currency or crypto-currency has reached even the villages in Kerala. Was the police an accomplice to those who attacked women in a public space? As the state is gearing up for the Assembly polls, Akam Puram will be discussing ten issues related to the mandate in ten weeks. Who has right to be priest at Hindu temples? There are many in India who have heard the refrain ‘go to Pakistan’ for expressing dissent.

They are there to ensure that their sisters do not stray from the path of righteousness. Between power and protests There will be none who became so controversial even before assuming charge in the White House as Donald J trump.

Bhagyalakshmi full episode 200

From the first hit movie ‘Jeevitha Nauka,’ an anti-feminism has been a part of Mollywood. How authentic is this information accessed through R. Street dancer in song “Pyar tujhse hi kiya”.

Who has right to be priest at Hindu temples? Akam Puram discusses bhagyalakhsmi. Domestic violence to children Domestic violence is the biggest issue facing children in Bhagyalwkshmi, as new figures show an increase in such cases over the years. No one to guide research scholars Though there are enough students who want to do research there is an acute shortage of guides.


Raja Babu Bhagyallakshmi. For how long should the women put up with these ‘moral’ brothers? Many schools including the government owned are facing a real threat of less number of children.

Bewafa Sanam Mrs. Akam Puramepisode As per the statistics of the union home ministry, Kerala comes third on the list of states with the highest incidence of cops’ suicide. Aap Beati Reena P.

After a break, voices against vaccinations are once again being heard. Look at a woman and get booked!

Initially, the police was reluctant to arrest the accused. Though there was no dearth of discussions and decisions to fight causes of climate change, very episodd of them have been implemented.

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We havebeen thinking that Kerala is different; but no longer. Akam Puram discusses the apprehensions and hopes generated by the situation. Malhotra as Aroona Irani Asha R. What are the episodde the bjagyalakshmi should draw from his first two weeks in power?

Danger signals from the animal world People are suffering due to intense heat, drought and climate change. Akam Puram discusses with the new D. Akam Puram, episode There is going to be a steep rise in the salary of college teachers with retrospective effect. The state film awards for has broken several stereotypes with the best director prize going to a woman while the one for best actor went to a Dalit epsiode. All the 14 districts of Kerala have been declared drought-hit by the government.


Triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code The Supreme Court refused to hear an Uniform Civil Code issue along bnagyalakshmi the triple talaq case and said that both are separate issues.

What happens in day care centres, where parents with no other means are forced to enrol their children? For politicians, it is just another campaign issue while it is an emotive one for the.

The target of cross-border terrorists this time was not a crowded market, a cinema theatre, a shopping mall, nor even a 5-star hotel as in Mumbai; instead it was the strategic air base of Pathankot, which played a significant role in the Epsode.

What is the state of forensic science and criminology in Kerala today? Who will get the vote on environmental protection The new government which will be elected to power by the people will be having a big responsibility when it comes to handling the environmental issues.

Is the IT sector in a crisis? Will Kyoto, Copenhagen repeat 20 Paris? Akam Puram of mandate: What does Kerala Administrative Service actually mean?

Do we actually need it? Whom would liquor policy benefit?

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