Amma then chides Lakhan for trying to betray her. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. She immediately calls Bantu who is equally shocked. The prospective bridegroom gets irked and tries to intervene, but Guddu warns him to stay away from the matter. However, Runjhun remains cheerful, ready to do any work and is never able to say no to any task, no matter how hard it may be. However, Kalsanwali gets shocked when Mittho and Billo accuse her of killing Amma.

Amma chides Kalsanwali and tries to pacify Runjhun. Amma is shocked when Guddu asks his friends to distribute the copy of the FIR which Runjhun, under Vishnu and Kalsanwali’s pressure, had filed against him. A furious Mittho starts scolding Runjhun and also curses her. All the daughters-in-law find it hard to work, and the daily activities of the family get disrupted. However, Rajju gets irked when Guddu explains the rules of the tournament. Guddu, a local goon of the area, is irked with Vishnu for not answering his phone call. Inspite of this, she is treated very rudely and selfishly by her uncles and aunts who shamelessly exploit her.

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In the process, Runjhun’s horoscope, which Amma had kept inside the chest safely, falls out. Mittho then tries to read, but Amma quickly snatches it from her. Guddu then tells Abhigyan that he will not let him marry Runjhun until Vishnu repays his debt. Finding it as a golden opportunity, Kalsanwali and Vishnu start chiding Guddu and accuse him of maligning Runjhun’s modesty.

She scolds everyone for being irresponsible. Kukkan and Jhabbo are very worried as they don’t find Guddu anywhere.

भागोंवाली – बांटे अपनी तकदीर

Meanwhile, Amma, along with Abhigyan, again meets the priest, who indirectly hints about getting Runjhun married to Abhigyan. Runjhun goes to her room and keeps it in Kalsanwali’s bag. Guddu stops Runjhun and forcibly takes the money. Runjhun’s grandmother, Lalita Pandey Rita Bhadurigives the credit to Runjhun, much to bhagonwaoi dismay.


Rajju gets furious when he comes to know about the tournament. Amma gets furious and chides Rajju and Mittho. Rajju and Mittho chide Vishnu also and hold him responsible for everything. Before Runjhun’s alliance can be fixed, Guddu, along with his friends, barges in the Pandey mansion.

Later, all the daughters-in-law of the Pandey family meet the priest and lure him with money.

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On the other hand, after cleaning the club, Runjhun decides to wait there for Guddu as she does not want to return empty-handed. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Gyaneshwar gets shocked and tells Abhigyan that they have got a notice from the Supreme Watfh and they have to vacate their house by evening.

In order to break the engagement, they indirectly instigate Guddu against Abhigyan. Amma then gives him a hefty amount and asks him to forget Runjhun forever and walks away. On the other hand, a jubilant Guddu meets Rajju and gives him a box of sweets saying that Vishnu has paid one of the installments.

Guddu then asserts that as he had tried to molest Runjhun, no one will ever marry her. However, Kalsanwali tells the cop that a well- cultured girl will never like to publicise such an incident, and forces him to lodge the complaint.

They follow Guddu on the sly to his room and try to overhear the confrontation. She prays to God to help Amma. Episode Synopsis Description Episodes More.

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They decide to inform the police, but before they can call the cops, Lakhan and his wife, along with Runjhun, arrive. Later, everyone in the Pandey family gets elated when the boy’s family arrives to see Runjhun. Runjhun’s maternal grandmother tries to shield her from the cunning uncles and aunts after she comes to know that Runjhun’s horoscope is unique and that she is a ‘bhagonwali’ who can bring good luck and prosperity wherever she goes.


Meanwhile, back in the Pandey mansion, Kalsanwali gets shocked when she sees Amma going towards Runjhun’s room. Meanwhile, in order to get rid of Amma, Kalsanwali adds some poisonous substance in her drinking water. Guddu, who has given money to Vishnu, decides to go to the Pandey mansion.

Kukkan and Jhabbo wtach suspicious after seeing the workers outside the Pandey mansion and feel that they have locked Guddu inside. Runjhun’s place and role in the house is that of an unpaid servant who runs errands and helps in the three kitchens of the house. The priest then calls Amma and tells her that he has found a match.

Please login to access the content. Amma bnagonwali furious when Runjhun tells her about the incident, but there is little that she can do. Guddu chides Vishnu for not returning his money. Later, watcg the daughters-in-law decide to do something to break Runjhun’s engagement, but get shocked when Amma warns them of dire consequence if they ever to do anything malicious.

He later gets shocked when he sees Guddu Shukla’s Himanshu Malhotra number flashing on his cell.

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