Bones and egos are bruised in the Bad Girls Battle Dome as tensions flare in the toughest competition yet, as the six remaining girls vie for their spot in the finale. Shelly and Nancy win Team Captain. Mehgan and Stephanie end up needing medical attention after the challenge, causing the Red Team to hold nominations. TV by the Numbers Press release. Camilla and Elease form a secret alliance that no one suspects. Elease 6 of 6 votes to eliminate. Camilla tries to bargain with Janelle to drop down, unsuccessful, Janelle wins Team Captain Elease a target in the competition, comes to avail and wins the Captain’s challenge, which infuriates her team. Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges.

During eliminations, Ray J asks Elease to plead her case and she states “[Rocky] She plays dirty and shady” which causes a small argument between the two. The Red Team pushes their way to victory, leaving the Gold Team to nominate two of their teammates for elimination. Things get sexy in the Captain’s Challenge when the girls get up close and personal with male partners. Back for More A social media trendsetter, Oxygen is a leading force in engaging modern young women, wherever they are, with popular, award winning features online including www. Rocky disqualifies herself and Nancy from advancing to the next round for being unable to score her basket. In the kitchen Tiana asks Elease who would she had put up for nomination and Elease states she’d choose someone from the Red and Gold alliance. Eager to step up to the plate and prove herself, she knows this is her shot to tame her short fuse and focus all her energy on securing the title.

Well check the latest episode by click [here] or the picture above. Red Team discuss Elease being in alliance with the opposing team.

Watch out for her mind games, as this know-it-all has no doubt that she will rule the competition and is not afraid to bring out her vindictive side. If you missed it or want to see it again check it out below. Seaeon natural competitor, Stephanie is a former dancer and placed third in the inaugural Bad Girls Games.


Bad Girls All Star Battle, Season 2

Shelly and Nancy win Team Captain. Rocky decides to nominate Nancy and Elease, which worries Elease. Stephanie 6 of 6 votes to eliminate. Danni 6 of 8 votes to eliminate.

Paula was still however nominated. After elimination, Mehgan and Nancy are heated at the Red Team’s reliance on their alliance and Mehgan plots her revenge. The next day, the girls compete for Team Captain in ” The Mud Challenge ” which consisted of a limited amount of green balls lined up in a large mud pit.

In part two of the reunion hosted by Tanisha Thomas, Nancy seasn Camilla reminisce over their steamy relationship, Paula pops off over Stephanie and Valentina’s betrayal, and Sarah and Shelly bring the battle to the stage, confronting Alicia on starting things she can’t finish. With the Gold and Red teams formed, the Team Challenge is up next. Description The battle zone is back! Growing up with all brothers, her outgoing personality can be a force to be reckoned with.

The first winner would be captain of the Gold Team, and second winner captain of the Red Team. She is once again returning to the battlefield so she can pay off her student loans and give back to her mom.

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TV by the Numbers. Old friends Camilla, Danni, and Amy immediately form an alliance, which Valentina suspects and plans to disband.

With a strong strategy Mehgan wins against Shelly, and is the winner of the Battle Challenge. The girls arrive to the “Give Me the Money Honey” Captain’s Challenge, each team is instructed to lather up in honey to collect coins and deposit saeson inside of the piggy bank, the person with the most coins collected wins Team Captain.

Mehgan and Stephanie end up needing medical attention after the challenge, causing the Red Team to hold nominations. Check out the behind the scene bonus below. The final round is called Wrap Up. The girls arrive to the tournament style Battle Challenge and Ray J then reveals that there will be a double elimination, the winner of the challenge would be able to nominate two contestants.


Returning contestants are in bold. Did you miss this weeks episode of Bad Girls Club?

Stephanie gets eliminated and after Tiana confronts Elease for being in alliance with the Gold Team. Sarah injures herself causing Mehgan to confront Sarah and the two almost end up in an altercation. Meanwhile, Mehgan becomes annoyed with Rocky and her alliance because she feels Shelly and Sarah aren’t independent and rely on Rocky, and feels Rocky keeps camiloa around because their easy competition.

Sarah, realizing that a third person will be put up for nomination, discusses with her alliance that Janelle would be the best choice in order to disband Mehgan’s alliance.

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Ray J wakes the girls up early to ask them what they want to do with the money. Before elimination, Camilla and Elease have a conversation in the bathroom where Camilla makes sure she’s secure with Elease.

The Bad Girls’ mental power is tested in the “Brain Games” Captain’s Challenge, building tension amongst the two teams as alliances are tested. Stephanie, Alicia, and Janelle talk about the new season of Bad Girls All Star Battle, what a bad girl isand the definition of a boss.

Worried she’ll be nominated, Mehgan convinces Rocky not to nominate her, Rocky in return asks Mehgan to vow she won’t nominate her anytime. Rocky’s injury intensifies leaving her fearful camila she may be easy prey for opportunistic competitors.


Articles on this Page showing articles 21 to 40 of Janelle and Nancy discuss nomination, Janelle unsure who seaxon nominate Nancy tries to convince Janelle to save Camilla. Shelly 3 of 3 votes to eliminate.

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