Sparrowmon slamed into Mailbirdramon with such speed that it appeared to split into four. However, they both agree to try to have fun anyway, but they will definitely try to make Ryuga pay for all he has done sooner or later. Aries came out of it’s bey and Mareep turned into it’s sheep form as it charged at Aquario. The question is why? So they’ll practice endlessly and battle fearcely and eventually increase their bey points. But without warning, the sneaky Tetsuya steals Gingka’s point counter.

The tournament you were talking about after our last battle with you was Battle Bladers! The Pegasus star blast attack wasn’t good enough! This page was last edited on 23 February , at Daaku Nebyura no shiro ” Japanese: It’s just hard to realize your own little brother is fighting on the side of evil. Do you understand that? For those bladers without enough points, the WBBA will be holding qualified tournaments in various locations. Kyoya has climbed into stadium in the middle of the battle.

Ryuga is first completely agonized and tries to fight L-Drago from conquering him, fading in and out and trying to talk. Finally Kyoya, who protected Saggitario whilst Yu and Tsubasa battled, defeats Kenta with a single hit and wins the tournament.

The stronger blader will move up so it’s easy to decide who’s best.

The Fearsome Libra

A long green sword came out of it’s forhead as it charged at Pegasus and Venus Leone. Excellent bladers like our old little champ, Yu and my dearly beloved niece, Sarah, here.

We just have to do it. That competition is every blader’s dream, but. Pegasus plunders into the battle and all three lose.

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Riku opened his eyes and met her gaze. Pegasus and Leone took off. However, both Kenta and Hyoma are defeated by their opponents.


The three purple forms of L-Drago went through the crowd and back at the top of the cliff behind Ryuga. Ryo immediately knows that those invaders are dangerous; therefore he runs towards the mountain as well. Meanwhile Hyoma, who is already jealous of Gingka’s friends, challenges Gingka at a stadium called the Green Hades and reveals that as Gingka’s true rival has never lost to Gingka in all their childhood.

The figure standing next to Ryuga on his right was a 42 year old woman. Outside, he slides down to sit, resting his back against the volcano and he start to cry. You’ll have to count on your own strength. We cant pass up a chance like this. This is very interesting indeed. No one else can do it. The three helicopters flew out of sight. The beyblade world will be ours. But as the battle goes on, Yu reveals himself to be the one who has knocked many of the competitors out of the competition with ease, and refuses to be taken down.

Gingka is walking through the desert at night. So if i end up standing on the same battle field as you two, you’ll fight me with all you’ve got, right?

Later a silhoutted figure appears and claims he can defeat Ginga. She and Gingka both prepared to launch their beys.

Beyblade- Metal Fusion Episode 22 – The Fearsome Libra – video dailymotion

And so are the other three beys. Meanwhile Gingka, en route to Koma Village, meets an old friend. This is so much fun, i cant stand it. It is very rare for the winner of the Survival Battle to have such a noble wish. Pegasus and Leone speedly charged forward. As a precautionary measure, i also implanted my niece, Sarah, and another member as well, just in case. Flame Lybra returned to Yu’s hand. He gets up, dresses up, and walks out of the small house to the river nearby; he splashes some water on his face, then walks around the village to find his father.


Phoenix appears to protect Kenta and Hyoma, beating Doji. Sora battles Busujima, who creates a fire in the stadium. Mine’s lit on fire!

MFB Episode The Fearsome Libra – 08/30/09 JPN / 09/05/10 USA – Printable Version

Memories Of Rio The Deck Is Stacked As the battle continues the warehouse begins to fall apart, and soon the ceiling above Gingka collapses, but Bennie selflessly saves Gingka, as well as providing feaesome relief due to his lack of reasons on why he did that.

You sure about that, Yo-yo? Back in the city, Kenta is crying from hearing this tragedy, and he understands why Gingka passionately hates Ryuga. As beybladde of the survival battle, Yu is granted his wish to hold a tournament to decide the strongest blader in the country.

As a recognized WBBA event, we are sure that powerful bladers, who are yet unknown, will appear to participate. Dark Phantom was sitting in his chair, watching Gingka and all of his friends on their seperate jouries on the security monetor screens. The town has their stadium back and Sora epsode with his idol Gingka.

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