Dunno, maybe I just play these games differently. No hating on the Sylvari, they are the least douchiest of all races. Anyone with half a brain will realize that no one race is going to be able to take those things down. I have to vouch for a bit of the Asura story. I was a thief yeah, they are probably only damage dealers in MMOs but I would do stuff that any sword-for-hire would do. Maybe both sides have faults, but at different times in a conflict, one side will clearly be the greater evil, and when you tally the score often it becomes apparent that one side was worse than another. The gist of the early story is the development, testing and employment of it in the battle to reclaim Ascalon.

Log In Sign Up. More topics from this board If you happen to really like one of those, you could pick your race based on that alone. You forgot the ‘They’re all equally bad’ option in your poll, OP. Some of the setpieces were quite amazing too. I like the Asura, but it’s because I like Gnomes, and Asura are essentially gnomes.

Tribune Bhuer Char, head of the Gw Guard, is directly in charge of all Chaarr Legion military operations concerning both internal and external security and defense of the Citadel and its surroundings. Typical hero story stuff.

Whether it was destroying a corrupted heriloom, fighting a rival from childhood, facing the enemies of the Norn with a big axe, or saving an endangered spirit of the wild, I just like the Norn’s more.

Which GW2 race has the best story? Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. GW2 just has you go around solving people’s petty and generally irrelevant problems. The choice to join one of the orders made earlier does not exclude the two other choices.


But gonna go with humans i guess.

I’m generally not into military themes so much so I didn’t expect to like the charr as much as I do but in general they just seem to have more interesting and better written characters.

You won’t be waiting long. Missions weren’t as fun though. But the personal story only matters up until lvl anyway, when Trahearne comes into play and you become his minion. Blood is for straight up infantry,brute force, iron is for mechanics and engineer types, ash is for assassins and stealth. I have bsst vouch for a bit of the Asura story. This game is built to permit mindlessness, and yet there’s a lot of good concepts and thoughts put into this world if you actually take the time to think about it.

Then you get into the factions for the bext 30, and then Traeherne or Bust. Hoooolly shit, I just realized you wrote “gets” instead of “likes. And there’s no question that your actions have impact in GW2 if you care to look for them.

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Shame on Arenanet for this!

Template:Charr storyline

By contrast I found the start of the human story got me more involved. The beginning of this story is part of your personal story as well as some mail sent to you by your racial counterpart in Destiny’s Edge. Not sure why you like the human story better, if at all.

bes They could easily have had a story in which the humans take “righteous” revenge for the Charr’s actions, but in doing so, become the greater evil, forcing you to take a different side.

Starts with Best Laid Plans. Gs2 I’m playing a video game about being an epic hero, I’m not interested in playing the part when he pulls weeds for the local farmer. The silence regarding the GW1 equivalent of nuking Hiroshima was almost deafening. The giant cat people though, they need a bit more work for the player to know what they are all about.


ANet has always done well in setting up a chqrr world, but then botching the story aspect significantly. Charr are awesome, so their stories are awesome by default. The Nightmare Court are just a bunch of racial supremacists who do evil shit just for fun. A carnival one passed g2w, and she can remember the dissapointment when she could not be a part of it due to her lineage. You’re giving the game waaaaay more credit than it deserves.

Your 1 to 10 quests are your first story choice in character creation. The entire expansion is one big advertisement for GW2’s main plot, with dragons hidden in plain sight all over the place.

That’s literally identical to GW2’s format, though GW2 is attempting to stretch its narrative into a much longer length than it can reasonably manage without some grinding in between parts. chagr

Template:Charr storyline – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

Chaudron Chaudron 6 years ago 2 ash legion. Well yes and no. It doesn’t even affect the dialogue as far as I’m aware and after level 60 or so your order doesn’t matter either. I think some people like some atoryline better.

The first quest a player experiences during this story arc is Forging the Pact. So much for a glorious last stand The specifics of the story depends on what race they chose, as well as one of their biography choices. Chicken Chicken 6 years ago 6 Legion choice also affects your Call Warband elite, but you shouldn’t be gd2 it anyway.

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