Shamar shares all his worries with Purva. Sevantilal Shastri [7] Shruti Ulfat: Mihir is a lawyer by profession. Purva asks Akashi why she went ahead with the abortion. Akashi is disgusted when Kshitij tries to get close to her. Nisha begins working at Mihir’s office as his secretary and starts developing feelings for him.

Mihir Sanghvi 1 episode, They have unpleasant encounters at first, nevertheless they soon get along and become good friends. She is also a great friend to Mihir and Amar. The doctor testifies in the court, saying that he changed the original report as he was given a bribe of Rs. But in her brother’s will, he says that the property will go to Neema after all the 4 sisters get married and sign the will. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Akashi is the third daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri. Purva tells him that everything will be fine very soon.

Mihir is the only son of Kamini. Anokhi already finds out the truth before anybody else does, as she hears Aastha singing Prem’s lullaby and confronts her about it.

Devrraj Singh Arora Samir 1 Episode. He resolves to start his life afresh and lead an honest life. Purva is happy to see Mihir apologising to Shamar.

Shyamad Das 1 episode, The court gives Shamar the benefit of doubt, and he is released. She respects her elders and loves her sisters a lot. satr

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Nisha regains consciousness but faints again in a beunein moments. She still mistreats Smriti and doesn’t like her at all. Whereas, Mihir and Purva eventually fall in love during their honeymoon.


So, one day he takes Akashi on a ride and hits a tree.

Behenein TV Series All Characters Real Names with Images

When that plan fails, Neema Ben crashes Akashi’s wedding day to her love, a lawyer named Kshitij Ritesh in Tamil when she hires a goon named Shamar Das Verabadhra in Tamil whom Akashi hates a lot, to kidnap Akashi and marry her. Akashi is the third daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri.

Anokhi is very effervescent and passionate about dancing.

Jigna’s original postmortem report indicates that she was under the influence of drugs at the time of her death. He tries to stab Purva but at the stroke of time, Mihir arrives with the police and gets Karan arrested. Smriti is second daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri.

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Aakashi third sister 1 episode, Ojaswi Oberoi Kamini Sanghvi 1 episode, Purva misses Akashi as she performs the Navratri pooja with Smriti and Anokhi. Aakashi third sister 1 episode, The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on Staar.

However, she lets Smriti stay at her house, as she is going to give birth to the heir of the family.


Purva gets suspicious and takes the nmes to their jeweller and the jeweller declares that they are a rare African type. Purva eldest sister 1 episode, Shiju Kataria After a few more investigations and a confrontation with Karan, Mihir finds out that Aastha is Smriti and sets out to rescue her and the two patch up.

Behenein TV Series All Characters Real Names with Images

Everyone plans for a surprise for Purva and Mihir. Purva and Mihir are helpless. She is also very caring, confident and vivacious sister and loves her sisters a lot. Purva is casy selfless person.

Amar Patel [6] [8] Sunny Pancholi: Therefore, Nisha plans to spend more time with Mihir in order to get closer to him. The sisters try their best to conceal the fact from Smriti, however their attempts go in vain as Smriti finds out everything during her Godh Baraai Baby shower Ceremony due to plan made by Neema ben. However, Shalaka dislikes Purva as she is Smriti’s sister.

Kshitij presents Jigna’s original postmortem reports in the court, which indicate that her death was not caused due to an accident with a vehicle.

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